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Me? I thought, OBE me? Up yours, I thought. I get angry when I hear the word ‘empire’; it reminds me of slavery, it reminds me of thousands of years of brutality, it reminds me of how my foremothers were raped and my forefathers brutalised.

Benjamin Zephaniah in 2003 on refusing his appointment as an OBE from the Queen (via yoursocalledgovernment)



Someone tell me what this is from so I can watch it. Please.

it’s from The Trotsky, which i highly recommend 🙂


Thriller – Michael Jackson.  [1984]

[The] Thriller [album] enforced its own reality principal; it was there part of every commute, a serenade to ever errand, a referent to every purchase, a fact of everyday life. You didn’t have to like it, you only had to acknowledge it. 

By 6 July 1984…Jacksonism had produced a the system of commodification so complete that what ever and whoever was admitted to it instantly became a new commodity. People were no longer consuming commodities as such things are conventionally understood (records, videos, posters, books, magazines, key rings, earnings, necklaces, pins, buttons, wigs, voice-altering devices, Pepsis t-shirts, underwear, hats, scarves, gloves, jackets – and why were there no jeans called Billie Jeans?); they were consuming their own gestures of consumption. That is, they were consuming not a Tayloristic Michael Jackson, or any licensed facsimile, but themselves  Riding a Mobius strip of pure capitalism, that was the transubstantiation.  

Greil Marcus, Lipstick Traces 


Laurie penny and her painting

what is happening

Fun fact: lefties are overly critical of LoK





They were writing the show within certain constrains. They couldn’t have made well developed characters and plot lines like they did in ATLA. They were basically writing the show to recapture the hearts of ATLA fans that way they could use Season 1 as a base to create season 2. 

dude it ain’t even just leftists. I don’t just follow leftists and I’ve been seeing it on my dash.

but basically this minus the whole blaming leftists thing.

Ah, I apologize. On my dash, I only saw see three things regular Avatar fans, leftist Avatar fans, and Libertarian avatar fans. The latter two rejoicing over the finale, with the former heavily critiquing it.

eh. I follow apolitical Avatar blogs and they’re critical of it.

Aside from that, two of my leftist friends loved it.

People are making me think about things.  Make it stop!  Make it stop!







I just want to get drunk

watch star wars

and cuddle

I’m sorry that you don’t have a ladyfriend…

…maybe I can be your ladyfriend today.

aren’t you a guy

Yeah, but I’ve been told I look feminine.

ew nty i only like ciswomen

edit: all commies are feminine men

you’re a disgusting little shite.

“Look I’m homophobic, misogynistic, classist, elitist, racist and just generally an asshole to everyone I encounter but I would really like a huggle.  Someone?  Anyone?  Oh :(” – Libertarians-and-Stoya



haters to the left.

i have this saved on my desktop and i look at it whenever i feel sad


First image, when I told Yohanna our sale’s tax.

Second image, when I told Yohanna our income tax.

Socialism: The attempt to destroy the individual in favor of the collective.

-Baseball Libertarian (via baseballlibertarian)

I don’t really see why you felt the need to quote yourself.

Idiotic statement either way.

(via naazee)

Yeah man.  I thought it was just certain individuals.



Folk metal mosh pit.

Shire can’t even handle me

Gandalf opens up the pit.  It’s inevitable when the people he’s dancing with barely come up to his waist.


Riot police from around the world.

From top left: United States, Georgia, Greece, France, China, Canada, Britain, Peru

I quite like that Peru has faked the muscle structure onto the body armour.  ”Just incase you weren’t sure we’re pretty tough ya know.”