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Interesting things from the past:

This letter appears to be a recommendation for a job that Clement Attlee gave to my great, great grandfather.  From what I know, he was born in Glasgow to a single mother and moved to Wales to be raised by … possibly godparents? I don’t think he was incredibly well educated, but in the 20s he moved from South Wales to the Putney area in London and got involved in building the labour movement and Labour Party.  Which, while I have lots of criticisms of them today, was the fucking bang on thing to be doing.

So this is quite a nice thing to have in the family today.  And because I’m feeling a bit proud of having recently discovered this I figured I’d share it.

28 April 1928

Mr M. Horsburgh has been my agent at the last two elections and has been my secretary and party agent since the election of 1924.  He has done extremely well in a very difficult constituency.  He organised a system of weekly collections which has much improved the financial situation and has also got the ward organisation on a sound basis as is shown by the results of the last election.  He has dealt most efficently with the large number of cases which come to me and has establised excellent personal relations with government officials and has scored many successes.  He has a good knowledge of election law and organising methods.  He is a very capable propagandist.

His integrity and character have made him widely respected among all classes in the constituency and I can strongly recommend him for the position for which he is now applying.

Clement Attlee

M.P. Limehouse […]

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