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Save UWE PaIRs!

Why is the Politics and International Relations department so important to keep at UWE? Hear from the students themselves!


If you’re a UWE student, don’t forget to be at the general meeting on how we can build to save the course. Monday at 6pm in 2Q51 on Frenchay campus.


UWE is engaged in a “portfolio review” which is looking at the potential closure of the undergraduate courses of: Politics; International Relations; History and Politics; Politics and International Relations, along with the postgraduate course in Human Rights. While I’m completely biased by being a student on the politics course in thinking that these are excellent and should be well supported, my opinion is shared in the student satisfaction responses. The courses also have an excellent intake of new students. Campaigning to keep humanities degrees available at universities which cater predominately to working class students is of such vital importance and the more support we can build while this is in its early stages the better!

Please take 2 minutes to sign and share the petition:

UWE students can also get more involved by joining the facebook group:

and attending the general meeting on how we intend to fightback, which is this Monday at 6pm:


Politics and International Relations courses under threat at University of the West of England! Oppose course closures, sign and share the petition!