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Save UWE PaIRs!

Why is the Politics and International Relations department so important to keep at UWE? Hear from the students themselves!


If you’re a UWE student, don’t forget to be at the general meeting on how we can build to save the course. Monday at 6pm in 2Q51 on Frenchay campus.


UWE is engaged in a “portfolio review” which is looking at the potential closure of the undergraduate courses of: Politics; International Relations; History and Politics; Politics and International Relations, along with the postgraduate course in Human Rights. While I’m completely biased by being a student on the politics course in thinking that these are excellent and should be well supported, my opinion is shared in the student satisfaction responses. The courses also have an excellent intake of new students. Campaigning to keep humanities degrees available at universities which cater predominately to working class students is of such vital importance and the more support we can build while this is in its early stages the better!

Please take 2 minutes to sign and share the petition:

UWE students can also get more involved by joining the facebook group:

and attending the general meeting on how we intend to fightback, which is this Monday at 6pm:


Politics and International Relations courses under threat at University of the West of England! Oppose course closures, sign and share the petition!


Photos of the SWSS stall from Freshers Fair and supporters of the Hands Off Our Classmates campaign!

Read the latest on the situation at London Met. [x]

More photos from the day here. [x]

The day was a massive success with over 150 new contacts, 6 new sign-ups to the party and new people to the first meeting, on a Friday of Freshers week no less!   And with coach tickets to #Demo2012 now on sale this year is going to be siiiiick!


Solidarity from UWESU.

Back row:
Annie Turner (VP Societies and Communications), Olly Reid (VP Education) Emmanuel Okon (President) Terri Hammond (St Matt’s Campus Co-Chair)
Front row:

Tom Renhard, Matt Hollinshead, Sam Barnard

The UK Border Agency has revoked the London Metropolitan University’s ability to grant student visas, which could leave as many as 2600 international students facing criminalisation as illegal immigrants and subsequent deportation.

To read more about the Hands Off Our Classmates campaign click here.

Anti-EDL protestors (We Are Bristol organised demonstration at the Bristol Bridge and as the camera pans to the right a group of LGBT activists [judging from the flags]) voice their displeasure at the EDL as they march through Bristol.

Some 250 EDL arrived in the city, the best that their national call out could muster, to spread their message of hatred and racism.  They were greeted by some 1500 on the WAB demonstration, along with other action taken by groups such as Bristol Antifa on the day.

Bristol Pride, which happened on the same day, was a great success and wasn’t disrupted by the racist thugs.

I saw that you’re involved with the anti-EDL protest in Bristol — I live in Bristol but I can’t seem to find much information on it. Could you tell me what will be going on and when etc.?

The EDL are currently set to be marching on July 14th.  From what we know it looks like it’ll be from Temple Meads, through Redcliffe and up to Castle Park however their route seems to be constantly changing and it’s unlikely to firm up until the week before hand.  It’ll be on the same day as Bristol Pride which I gather is mostly centred around College Green.  Originally the EDL asked for the week after, which is the same day as Bristol Harbour Festival, but apparently the council are much happier to shaft Bristol’s LGBT community than they are to have a day of profit disrupted.

A united front group called We Are Bristol has been set up which is currently calling for people to meet at 11am by the Fountains, however that may be subject to change depending on what shapes up to be the situation regarding both what the EDL end up doing, and also to hopefully cause as little disruption to the Pride event which will be going on at the same time.  Other groups are also calling for people to be at Temple Meads at 10am to prevent the EDL march from happening.

There’s an e-mail address of if you want to message that for more info or are able to get involved leafletting the community and building awareness.

Bristol Antifa are also organising around it, they held a pretty good meeting this evening.  They have a contact form on their website if you want to get in touch with them, I can’t remember their e-mail offhand.

A twitter has also been set up under stopedl which will be used to get out updates.  I think that’s connected to Bristol Antifa.

I’m not really comfortable giving out more information unless you come off anon because reasons, but if somebody reading this thinks I’ve missed anything out then let me know.

Conflict Zone Bursary

Things are getting underway to get fund raising for the conflict zone bursary, set up to enable a student from Gaza, Palestine, to finish studies here at the University of the West of England without the stresses of living in a warzone.  The website with more information about the bursary and the links for online donation is  Below is the text of the UWE flyer, if you have even just a couple of pound you can spare then please help a good cause.

This isn’t about taking sides in a decades old argument.  This is about giving somebody the opportunities that, in our own everyday lives, we’ve come to take for granted.  If you don’t have money to spare you can still help by reblogging, retweeting or through whatever means spreading this information to as many individuals and groups as you can.  Thank you 🙂

The Conflict Zone Bursary Fund is a UWE, Bristol charitable project set up to help people from war torn countries.

This project aims to provide comprehensive scholarships for students who are currently living in conflict zone areas to come and study at UWE. The conflict zone bursary fund was set up as a result of a student led occupation in solidarity with the people of the Gaza strip.

The conflict zone bursary fund has been set up in order to offer the real people behind the politics, who are in intolerable situations and experiencing unimaginable suffering, a way out. This charitable project aims to bring the students and the university together in a joint effort to raise money in order to make this wonderful idea become a reality.

As the Bursary Fund was set up in response to student support for the people of the Gaza strip, the first scholarship will be directed toward a student from that area.

The University of the West of England has agreed to provide a comprehensive scholarship for a student to come and study at UWE starting in September 2011. The total cost for this scholarship is estimated to be £45,000 which includes fees, maintenance, flights, orientation, and other expenses. However, we the donors, have to come up with the first £5,000. Therefore, we urge you to donate generously towards this noble humanitarian cause in order to profoundly transform an individual’s life.

To make a donation, please visit and select donate today. Or contact Emma Sambrook on 0117 328 2806 or

Thank you

Also many thanks go to Viva Palestina and their very generous pledge which really helps to get things underway!