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… well being, happiness, work that is well paid and satisfying, and the enjoyment of all types of advantages for those who live in the Marxist paradise. … reality is, nevertheless, very different. … the shortages in the production of goods and the low material and spiritual level of [society], the situation of women and children is dramatic and frankly tragic. … Russian women are to carry out tasks that are extraordinarily hard for them, ones which no civilized country makes people of their sex perform. … don’t worry about women’s lower [than men’s] physical resistance … [women are made to work in] highway [construction] or heavy work on the trains or preparing the fields for cultivation. … women’s physical makeup is not made for these tasks. … [women] have to leave their homes for many hours, leaving their children with other people or with State functionaries. … [Communist women cannot] dedicate themselves to the care and education of their children, who are taught to inform and spy on their parents. Do the women of this country want this paradise for themselves and their families?

Anti-Communist propaganda used by the CIA in the 1964 Chilean election, which saw Allende narrowly defeated for Presidency by the Democratic Christian candidate Frei Montalva.

Quotes taken from:

Power, M. (2008) The Engendering of Anticommunism and Fear in Chile’s 1964 Presidential Election. Diplomatic History, 32(5), pp.931–953.

I don’t know at what point attempting this seemed like it would be a good idea.

But it wasn’t.

Capital is dead labor which, vampire-like, lives only by sucking living labor, and lives the more, the more labor it sucks.

Karl Marx. Capital Volume I. Part Three: The Production of Absolute Surplus Value. Chapter Ten: The Working Day. (via rawlsianism-with-a-human-face)