A Typology of Violence, from Galtung, J. (1969). Violence, Peace, and Peace Research. Journal of Peace Research6(3), 167–191.

I was looking for this image to insert into my research slides and found it on Tumblr of all places. (Didn’t want to take a screenshot of the PDF I have… Even though it’d turn out like this? Anyway.) This is probably one of my favorite ideas in social justice/peace and conflict and reading this paper for the first time was one of the rare occasions where I was really excited about theory.

You should definitely check out Achille Mbembe’s article Necropolitics. I’m not on my laptop at the moment so I can’t check out the details but he brings in Foucault and Bataille in regards to violence and it’s really good. Very different style to Galtung’s but you’re missing out if you don’t read it.

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