i’ve never met anarchists who are so concerned with marxists as i have marxists who are concerned with anarchists. what was funny about yday’s quote was everyone skipped right past the bit where trotsky spoke about the need for adhesion and how anarchists can be part of the revolutionary movement and went straight to ANARCHISTS DROOL COMMUNISTS RULE

if anyone was wondering why it was i turned away from communist groups to working with anarchist ones ^^^

For the first time since the International Working Men’s Association anarchism can boast a greater number of people identifying as anarchists (though on the world scale anarchism is continuing to ebb as mass workers struggles are intensifying in the perifieries of capital). As a result the primacy of class politics is contested within the movement as fundamentally Anarchism is not, in and of itself, concerned with class struggle nor even then abolition of capital. Instead the political antagonism is against “authority” as such, hence the possibility of anarcho-capitalism and the need to specify class-struggle-anarchism/Anarcho-syndicalism when class struggle does play a part.

Therefore as before with the 1st International the argument for class struggle must be made and is a political priority for socialist because again, as before, the logic of (Neo)liberal Ideology does form a natural antagonism with anarchism or anarchist forms of de-centralised networks  organisation because quite frankly its nearly identical*. As such we must argue against it, consistently. That makes matters worse is in practice when we encounter anarchists IRL the fact that 9 times out of 10 we are dealing with petulant childred actively working against the interest of the working class finding the fuckers irritating is to be expected.

Political tendencies should not simply work together as a point of virtue, as this leaves all principle and strategy compromised. Instead pragmatic alliances when we are doing the same things for the same reasons allow us to build united fronts, which can then split without “betrayal” are much more important. We are not friends, sometimes we must work together and some times we will fight.

However being a self righteous liberal saying “why cant we just get along” is irritating and smug.

(*the minor differences  can form powerful antagonisms don’t get me wrong)

I’m always up for Marxist/Anarchist unity as long as the anarchists are decent on the collectivist, class struggle shit.  Problem is these days the whole attitude towards anarchism without adjectives means most anarchists on the internet are all about the lifestyle anarchism, get stuck in a milieux, and aren’t consistent about what they do or why.  Anarchist groups risk getting pulled this that and the other way because they allow such multiplicity where they end up getting wanky liberal anarchists who are more concerned about complaining about how rights aren’t respected, or individualist anarchists who are all about martyr complexes and aren’t about building the class.

I know some very good anarchists and I’m always more than happy to work with them productively.  It’s just when the other shitty anarchists trot up and start complaining about authoritarianism without understanding what it means, and going sectarian and complaining constantly about Kronstadt (NAKA) rather than talking about how we’re building for the future, I have no time for that.

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