I saw that you’re involved with the anti-EDL protest in Bristol — I live in Bristol but I can’t seem to find much information on it. Could you tell me what will be going on and when etc.?

The EDL are currently set to be marching on July 14th.  From what we know it looks like it’ll be from Temple Meads, through Redcliffe and up to Castle Park however their route seems to be constantly changing and it’s unlikely to firm up until the week before hand.  It’ll be on the same day as Bristol Pride which I gather is mostly centred around College Green.  Originally the EDL asked for the week after, which is the same day as Bristol Harbour Festival, but apparently the council are much happier to shaft Bristol’s LGBT community than they are to have a day of profit disrupted.

A united front group called We Are Bristol has been set up which is currently calling for people to meet at 11am by the Fountains, however that may be subject to change depending on what shapes up to be the situation regarding both what the EDL end up doing, and also to hopefully cause as little disruption to the Pride event which will be going on at the same time.  Other groups are also calling for people to be at Temple Meads at 10am to prevent the EDL march from happening.

There’s an e-mail address of wearebristol@ymail.com if you want to message that for more info or are able to get involved leafletting the community and building awareness.

Bristol Antifa are also organising around it, they held a pretty good meeting this evening.  They have a contact form on their website if you want to get in touch with them, I can’t remember their e-mail offhand.

A twitter has also been set up under stopedl which will be used to get out updates.  I think that’s connected to Bristol Antifa.

I’m not really comfortable giving out more information unless you come off anon because reasons, but if somebody reading this thinks I’ve missed anything out then let me know.

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