All the biggest and most important players within the fascist movement came from the socialists. It was a threat to the socialists because it was the most appealing political vehicle for the real-world application of the socialist impulse. Socialists crossed over to join the fascists en masse.

The Fascist Threat, Llewellyn H. Rockwell Jr.


another masterpiece


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Funny … I thought fascism is* athreat to socialists because they actively go about attacking socialists, trade unionists, strikes, along with ethnic and religious minority groups.  As political vehicles go it’s the one that will run you over and then reverse back over you, to see whether or not that bump in the road was a person.  Socialists didn’t cross over en masse, they were killed and/or imprisoned and/or exiled en masse.

It’s weird because the far right in the US love talking about Gramsci and cultural marxism, and highlighting how sinister Gramsci must’ve been because he was imprisoned for his politics as leader of the communist party.  Imprisoned by Mussolini, the fascist.  Do they just completely fail to make any connection there?  Like maybe he was a communist imprisoned by a fascist because the ideals are antithetical, and maybe he wasn’t imprisoned because he was a seditious bastard that wanted to kill people just for the fun of it, but because he’d have been instrumental in organising resistance to the fascist regime?  And maybe fascists aren’t ok just because they do the dirty work of capitalism?  But you suggest this to a supporter of Mises and they’re all “noooo at least fascism stopped communism.” and if they hadn’t already reached it long ago for all the other disgusting shit they come out with, that would be where they crossed the line.

*fascism isn’t dead, Mises dudebros.

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