i still dont understand why people are still saying “lol when we smash capitalism all our other problems will fall with it.”


you are stupid.

shut up.

capitalism isn’t the root of all evil.


before capitalism there was still those issues

tbh I don’t think we can smash capitalism before we deal with those issues

I’m going with the “dealing with those issues is a necessary part of the revolutionary process.”

Communism isn’t about liberating just the white, male, heteronormative workers.  It’s about all workers.  Communism can’t be achieved through only helping a tiny section of the working class while maintaining oppression over the majority of people.

At the same time a lot of the power capitalism holds comes down to enforcing nuclear family attitudes to gender roles, the work place and consumption.  The division of workers is propagated through capitalism supporting ideas of racism which at the same time keep swathes of people subjugated into dead end jobs without a chance at social mobility.

So why can’t we do both, and not hedge bets on which will happen first, but understand that we cannot fully realise the downfall of capitalism without acknowledging that the path ahead is intrinsically linked with supporting these other struggles as well?

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