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Breanna Manning has been in prison for two years today

Also known as Bradley, Manning has been subjected to torture over the past two years, including being locked up for 11 months straight in solitary confinement for 23 hours a day – before he was even charged with a crime.

His pre-trial hearing will be June 8 in Fort Meade, Virginia. 

For the most recent updates on Manning’s case, click here.

it’s possible that manning is suffering such harsh treatment at the hands of the government in part because of being outed (zhe’s trans).

WAIT WHAT?? I had no idea that she’s trans! Info here. Why wasn’t this all over everyone’s blog a long time ago?

I’d heard about this, but this link provided by ftm-communist is the first article I’ve seen that provides an actual source for where the claims are coming from.  One the one hand the way the article is written seems to imply they’re taking things into very dodgy ground for the way trans people become represented as unstable, emphasising it as a mental disorder and so on.  On the other hand I don’t blame the defence lawyers for doing whatever they can to get Manning out ASAP.  You can see from the progression of pictures that zhe has physically deteriorated significantly whilst incarcerated pre-trial, I dread to think of the emotional situation zhe’s in at the moment.


If you are a white girl, a black girl or a black boy, exposure to today’s electronic media in the long run tends to make you feel worse about yourself. If you’re a white boy, you’ll feel better, according to a new study led by an Indiana University professor.

Nicole Martins, an assistant professor of telecommunications in the IU College of Arts and Sciences, and Kristen Harrison, professor of communication studies at the University of Michigan, also found that black children in their study spent, on average, an extra 10 hours a week watching television.

“We can’t deny the fact that media has an influence when they’re spending most of their time — when they’re not in school — with the television,” Martins said.

Harrison added, “Children who are not doing other things besides watching television cannot help but compare themselves to what they see on the screen.”

Their paper has been published in Communication Research. Martins and Harrison surveyed a group of about 400 black and white preadolescent students in communities in the Midwest over a yearlong period. Rather than look at the impact of particular shows or genres, they focused on the correlation between the time in front of the TV and the impact on their self-esteem.

“Regardless of what show you’re watching, if you’re a white male, things in life are pretty good for you,” Martins said of characters on TV. “You tend to be in positions of power, you have prestigious occupations, high education, glamorous houses, a beautiful wife, with very little portrayals of how hard you worked to get there.

“If you are a girl or a woman, what you see is that women on television are not given a variety of roles,” she added. “The roles that they see are pretty simplistic; they’re almost always one-dimensional and focused on the success they have because of how they look, not what they do or what they think or how they got there.

“This sexualization of women presumably leads to this negative impact on girls.”

With regard to black boys, they are often criminalized in many programs, shown as hoodlums and buffoons, and without much variety in the kinds of roles they occupy.

“Young black boys are getting the opposite message: that there is not lots of good things that you can aspire to,” Martins said. “If we think about those kinds of messages, that’s what’s responsible for the impact.

“If we think just about the sheer amount of time they’re spending, and not the messages, these kids are spending so much time with the media that they’re not given a chance to explore other things they’re good at, that could boost their self-esteem.”

Martins said their study counters claims by producers that programs have been progressive in their depictions of under-represented populations. An earlier study co-authored by her and Harrison suggests that video games “are the worst offenders when it comes to representation of ethnicity and gender.”

Other research is starting to show the impacts of other kinds of entertainment sources, such as video games and hand-held devices. It indicates that young people are becoming creative at “media multitasking.”

“Even though these new technologies are becoming more available, kids still spend more time with TV than anything else,” Martins said.

Interestingly, the young people were asked about their consumption of print media, but the results were not statistically significant.

Martins conducted the research while she was completing her Ph.D. at the University of Illinois, as part of a larger longitudinal study done with her co-author, Harrison. They sought out certain school districts in Illinois because of their diversity, but African-Americans were the predominant minority group.

Study finds TV can decrease self esteem in children, except white boys




As of Tuesday, May 29 2012, 1,857 members of the U.S. military had died in Afghanistan since the U.S-led WAR of Afghanistan, according to an Associated Press count says an online article. May I ask how many afghan you murdered with your weapons or your politics, whatever term…

Civilians die in war, that doesn’t mean war is always unjustified. If that were the case pacifism would be a virtue. Ask yourself how many anarchists or socialists think pacifism is a virtue. Hint: virtually none of them. Few of those who are against the war in Afghanistan are against war itself, what they’re against is Western victory over the forces of Islamic jihad.

You’re a racist piece of shit.

يا عمال العالم اتحدوا: 1,857 deaths



markku lahdesmaki | aerospace museum in china.

It’s bad how much I like this. 

It is reported that about 30% of the world’s population is unemployed. That’s worse than the Great Depression, but it’s now an international phenomenon. You have 30% of the world unemployed, a huge amount of work that needs to be done just rebuilding the society alone. The people who are unemployed want to do the work, but the system is such a catastrophic failure that it cannot bring together idle hands and work. This is all hailed as a great success, and it is a great success – for a very small sector of the population.

Noam Chomsky (via fyeahnoamchomsky)

Awesome meeting in Bristol this friday, please reblog and spread the word!

John Carlos, famous as one of the athletes who gave black power salutes at the 1968 Olympics, recently said “My life has not been about winning medals, it’s about being a freedom fighter.”

John Carlos is coming to Bristol to speak out against the English Defence League who want to bring their message of hate and to march in Bristol on July 14th.

John Carlos has spoken spoken out against racism and prejudice at many forums around the world.  Come and hear what he has to say and join the campaign to oppose the EDL in Bristol.

Friday 1st June, 7pm

@ the Malcolm X centre, St Pauls.  141 City Road, BS2 8YH.

The Keffiyeh


A symbol of solidarity with Palestine, available straight from Topman.

Originally worn as protection from the Arab desert, it is now seen around the neck of almost every middle class, left-wing university student across the Western world. Some celebs are even working the look.
Has the keffiyeh been over-done or does it still hold up as the ultimate Far Left Fashion accessory? Drab or Fab, Hot or Not – let us know in the poll below.

Well this is some level of bullshit.  I realise the blog is meant to have a level of self-deprecating humour to it; that doesn’t mean it should regurgitate uninformed, right-wing fuckery without any new contribution, parsed in some half-hearted attempt to make it sound like a fashion quip.


Young Jamil Keating has been tipped as a future leading lefty after his appearance at NUS National Conference 2012. Here he is rocking a onesie. 


What is it about Latin American socialist leaders and tracksuits?

Because they’re ace.


Dexter Hill from Sheffield deems himself a master of the ‘hardcore hipster’ look. We’re not so sure that hoodies are hot.


I am.

y u no hardly tumbl anymore?!

I’ve had exams at university, which finished friday, a couple of birthdays, getting everything in order for the next academic year, getting involved around stuff regarding resisting the EDL when they come to Bristol in July, yadda yadda yadda.  Basically been a busy bee, so had less time to argue with strangers on the internet.


Infographic 02: On Israel’s system of segregated roads in the occupied Palestinian territories.




oh yeah i was just thinking “i need some random ass dude to tell me how i should present myself because i can’t do anything until i know how a dude feels about it.”

wait. no i fucking wasn’t.





cannot. manage.

It’s too hot to even sit up in bed.  THESE ARE TOO MANY HEATS.

Yeah, OUTDOORS.  Because it’s almost 4am.  But my room picks up the hots during daytime and doesn’t release them, it stores them up in a little piggy bank of hots to piss me off come sleepy time.

Also English and must complain about weather at all times for whatever excuse.



cannot. manage.

It’s too hot to even sit up in bed.  THESE ARE TOO MANY HEATS.




This is my puggle puppy, Dodgers.

We’re giving him away. We can’t keep him anymore…
If you live in the Dearborn Heights Michigan area are are interested in him, pl,ease message me, he needs a good home.

He’s only a year and 8 months. He’s good with kids. He’s really hyper. And he’s such a cutie… I really want him to be somewhere he can be happy.

Reblogging this because I really, really need someone to take care of him…

I know some folks who follow me are in Michigan (sadly I have no idea of geography). Hopefully you can help or know of someone else who can.



Oh god. Look at that face.

Why would you do this to me?

Oh hey you.