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You guys have a box fort!? I wanna come play now.

its just naket reading and Magic the Gathering in boxforts for us.

England is basically a magic fairy land… 

And cats.

Dude if I can keep a cat alive for a month a child will be no problem.  All you have to do is talk to them slightly more coherently.  They still hate water and shit in the neighbours garden, it’s basically the same.


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so jealous, Martha’s great

yeah and my brothers kid is the same age and speaks greek too i may just take them to my mums…

but like explaining that i have a kid from the internet might be hard to square with my folks…. 

“Matt what are you doing with this child I didn’t even know you were sexually active three years ago!”

“It’s ok mum I got her from the internet.”



hate to link to the daily fail but …

“Rampaging inmates caused damage costing millions of pounds and at at least one prison officer was injured.

The Category C prisoners put 83 cells out of use by lighting fires, smashing windows and wrecking fixtures and fittings.

But the fact that neither the Prison Service nor the police made any announcement regarding such serious disturbances is bound to raise questions among critics.”

Three riots in British prisons in the last week hushed up by government





did you know you can’t “POP your cherry”?  In this video i talk about:

what the hymen really is
how this myth is some sexist bullshit
and how to deal with your hymen the 1st time you have sex.

She is amazing.

I’m exceptionally pissed off that this is news to me.

I’m really fucking pissed off that I did not know this and it’s my own goddamned body.

Yes, because when I said this in health class I was told “Your first time didn’t hurt because you’re a whore”

No it didn’t hurt because the guy that I had sex with was gentle and prepared me properly.

What the fuck is going on?


Why is everyone reblogging my post talking about anonymous messages? The post wasn’t about me or Aamna being harassed anonymously – it was about joemccarthyblues acting completely out of line in our exchange yesterday. I’m tired of being guilted or called abrasive for using “big words” that I apparently lack the intellect to make use of “correctly,” as said by a teenager who’s still in high school. I had a moment when I wanted to apologize for misinterpreting his joke but I realized – dude, women deal with this mentality every single day and it’s perfectly understandable that we’d misconstrue something like that. If he hadn’t told me to “calm myself” I would’ve deleted the reblog and apologized. That obviously wasn’t the case. I’ll continue to be “repulsive,” “abrasive,” “intellectually useless,” and everything else I may come off as, because if that’s really what you take away from what I write on tumblr then I guess that’s who I am; and I won’t apologize for that.

More explanations here and here.

Oh wow ok.  I got the wrong end of the stick on that one.  Hadn’t been keeping up to date with the tumblr rapid news cycle and then this happens.


Oslo, Norway: 40,000 people turned up in poor weather to sing the popular children’s song “Children of the Rainbow” at the Youngstorget square, April 26, 2012. The song, ridiculed by fascist terrorist Anders Behring Breivik during his ongoing trial, was sung by thousands more in towns across the country.

Revolutionaries see history as a creation of their own spirit, as being made up of a continuous series of violent tugs at the other forces of society – both active and passive, and they prepare the maximum of favourable conditions for the definitive tug.

Antonio Gramsci (via antisocial-socialist)






I’m tired of the fucking bros overrunning every platform and medium of communication while all the amazing people get fed up and leave. Also, “BUT WHO CARES IT’S JUST A WEBSITE,” is the most reactionary thing you can say – so don’t.

I’ve had a number of discussions with several of the male professors on this website about misogyny and sexism on the internet, with Tumblr at the focus, of course, and they were rather shocked to hear about my experiences. Other individuals have communicated to me that they, too, see sexism quite often but they’re too afraid to call anyone out because of the amount of unnecessary backlash people generally receive. 

I missed whatever happened but I’m tired of it. Not calling someone out for their inappropriate comments is cowardice and it wrongly reinforces the belief that that kind of stuff is acceptable and normal. People who have the power to say something but don’t are just as much to blame. 

I was absolutely shocked when I realized the kind of constant sexual harassment and threats of violence that female bloggers on Tumblr are subject to almost invariably. I think a lot of men on this site don’t get that. I know I didn’t for a while.

The level of abuse I’ve received merely for expressing my disagreement with individuals in a very civil manner is pretty astounding. I’ve been told to “go get raped again” and just about every violent variation one could possibly think of, I’ve been called a “cunt,” “bitch,” “whore,” “tramp,” “skank,” “slut,” “cum slave,” “sand nigger,” “sand spic,” “towel head,” “camel jocky,” etc., for having the audacity to disagree with someone. That’s it. I refuse to name call or any of that childish nonsense. 

The punishment for being a female and having one’s own opinions is verbal abuse and violent threats and they even come from self-proclaimed feminists. 

So looks like repugnant shit has been continuing to happen.  While Interruptions says he was surprised at the level of (sexually) violent, misogynistic language thrown at female bloggers on this website (from what I notice, females who blog on politics specifically though I don’t follow many that don’t having said that.)  I wish I could say I am too but the more it happens and the more I think about it the less shocked I am by it and the more incensed.  Just as people of colour and members of the LGBTQ community face a high level of abuse on here.  The anonymity of the internet couple with lack of any face-to-face repercussion means that people don’t hide their repugnant views.  Every such disgusting, abusive message sent is a reminder that these people are in our schools, universities, workplaces and that this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to oppressive behaviour that’s used to silence people that we have to challenge every time we are confronted with it, and all the times we’re not.

Aamna 😦

“if voting changed anything, it would be illegal”


what about the fact that a “liberal” in office has actually escalated the wars on drug users, Muslims, and immigrants? 

what about the fact that Guantanamo Bay is still open, that the War on Terror has expanded more fully to Pakistan, Yemen, Libya, and elsewhere? what about how Obama infamously said he would not interject in Troy Davis’s case because it was a “local matter”? 

so, yeah, for people of color, Muslims, and many other oppressed populations, Obama is either no improvement, or he’s actually worse than Bush. 

Shit, I didn’t know that Obama has the power to do all those things all by himself?  I mean I thought there was some big organ of capitalist, neo-colonial expansion and conflicting interests at play, and that lobbying groups/businesses/the rest of Congress/the entire judicial system/military advisors and so on and so on have some level of input into what happens but IT’S JUST OBAMA?  Shit I wish we’d known sooner.

And yeah, Obama could have interjected into the Troy Davis case but you seem to seriously underestimate how batshit crazy white America would go about how this was all some black supremacist/cultural marxist/socialist/anti-white plot to pervert the course of justice.  How much shit did Obama have to do to prove he was even born in the US just because he became the first black President?  Let alone before he did anything.

re: the original quote – – i think this is an oversimplification of reality, which is usually what i get from reading goldman. while i heartily agree that legislative or electoral strategies are not going to help the working class on their own, nor can voting destroy capitalism, the working class cannot overthrow bourgeois society and put something new in its place if workers are starving and illiterate.

reforms are great; it’s reformism that is shitty and counter-revolutionary.

“if voting changed anything, it would be illegal”


As in, why I don’t support violent methods of creating anarchy/socialism/whatever new revolutionary system.

I don’t see how anything in the OP was mutually exclusive to the potential for violence as a part of the praxis for long term change.  As I read it, it related to realising that abstaining wholly from the system to prove some ephemeral revolutionary fervour can be damaging because the government in power does make a difference to people’s lives.  For example in the UK the mother that jumped to her death with her child in her arms because her benefits had been cut by the coalition and was unable to support herself.  The OP didn’t make a critique of other forms of action.  The OP wasn’t even saying everyone should go out and vote for X party because they’re the people that will suddenly change the world and make everything roses.  But I think it is really important to not take some bizarre stance that you can somehow transcend the system in the search for revolutionary purity; usually this sort of attitude does stem from relative privilege and is highly individualistic, ignoring the potential of the people in other situations for whom “transitional demands” really do mean the difference between life and death.

“if voting changed anything, it would be illegal”


this is probably the #1 issue i have with other anarchists and “radicals” in general, and it’s almost always coming from white dudes who are relatively class-stable* (meaning they have families to fall back on if things become difficult, no children, no health care needs, and they basically choose to live in poverty and can do so comfortably). 

and it’s bullshit. it’s not even true. 

like i get that voting is not going to bring about any systemic changes and that we are “voting for the lesser evil” and all that shit. i myself was opposed to voting until fairly recently when i wisened up. but i simply cannot support the viewpoint that we should vote for the worst candidate with the hopes that the entire system will fall apart. i find that logic to be completely asinine. similarly, abstaining from voting because one believes the candidates are too similar to matter is an incredibly privileged decision.

because while the left and right wing in the US are both corporately controlled, pro capitalist, pro privatization, etc. the fact remains that, if the GOP was in power, a lot more people would literally die due to being denied resources. you cannot convince someone at the bottom of the social hierarchy that there are no differences between the parties. they are the groups that are MOST affected by the differences that anarchists either deny the existence of entirely, or consider to be too small to matter. i’m talking about the extremely poor, mostly consisting of POC, people with disabilities, & trans people.

too many people think these populations are disposable and are ‘necessary sacrifices’ which is just disgusting and i want no part in any movement that encourages such thinking. 

*(and yes i know that quote is usually attributed to emma goldman, but that’s irrelevant.)


Justice for Anastasio Hernandez Rojas!!

We are protecting our borders? When a man like Anastasio Rojos is beaten to death by the United States authorities, I’d like to say we are doing just the opposite of that. In the video uncovered by PBS, we not only see that Anastasio is clearly outnumbered 12 to 1 by the US border patrol but we also hear his agonizing pleas as he begs for his life: “No! No! Déjenme! No! Señores!

This is the reality of what happens on the soils of the Mexican-US border. It is the violent physical manifestation of this country’s position on illegal immigration.

This is about the lives lost at the hands of the US border patrol. It is about the white supremacist outlook on who has the right to survive. It is about the dehumanization of people looking for a better life. And, It is vile and disgusting. 




The Evil Collectivist Giving Tree’s lesser known cousin: The Insufferable Asshole Libertarian Tree 

you damn best hope i’ll sell you this apple for 10 bucks a pop, don’t be complaining to me about no damn allowance

kids these days trying to ruin the free market. shoot. don’t think money grows on trees.