Some phrases that occur to me as reinforcing the capitalist hegemony.

I quite like spotting out turns of phrase which, as a part of capitalist society, normalise us into a capitalist way of thinking.  Phrases which you’d use off the cuff without a second thought, but if you do apply a bit more time the connotations of what they mean demonstrates the way that capitalism structures everything we do.  I find it sort of amusing.  This is what I have so far, if anyone else has any suggestions then drop them in an ask.

“A market place of ideas” – religion, ideology and so on are co-opted to the commodity culture of capitalism.

“I don’t buy it” – belief in something as a financial investment.

“Time well spent” – your time is a financial investment.

“Self-ownership” – the attitude that you are an item of property which you are in possession of.

“Human resources” – humanity is boiled down and objectified, it is a resource not an end in its own right.

“Job market” – careers and vocations are to be bought and sold/people try to sell themselves into a career or vocation.  Links into the idea of “immigrants come over and steal jobs.”  Bizarre in its own right but more so with this concept of possession over a job.

“My child”/”my (boy/girl)friend”/”my partner” – the attitude of property possession regarding close interpersonal relationships.  This links interestingly into the idea of people having their boy/girlfriend “stolen” (well, less poignant a problem when you get older, but I’m sure many people will have heard this phrase used even if not by someone in their immediate friendship group.)  Your romantic relationship is alienated by the ideology of capitalism, therefore infidelity is not the fault of the significant other, but of the person they get involved with.  An object is inanimate, it cannot falter or do wrong, ergo the agency and therefore error is placed on the third point of the triangle.  Weird.  And gross.  Also links into the idea of, rather than responsibility for parents to raise children to be a part of a society, instead parents are able to enforce their ideals and parameter onto the child – who is their possession.  Hence things like circumcision [this is just the most immediate thing that springs to mind due to recent discussions, rather than intended as a dig.] are the parents choice, because the child is an object without agency.

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