I understand your point of view. The New Left begun with R. Hilton (I think), after the war, saying that they failed to change the world as Marx said (“Philosophers only tried to understand the world etc.”)… but Perry Anderson (that is probably the most… bolchevist… from the New Left group) actually criticize against what he calls the Western Marxism (Adorno, Benjamin, Lukács…) for not linking properly theory and praxis like the antecedent generation (Kautsky, Lenin, Luxemburg…)

This is true.  But then if someone had been exactly as Lenin or Luxemburg in their action and deed they would not have been able to recreate the events.  Maybe I’m something of a fence-sitter on this one.  I think it was right that there was effort to find a new path, the reason that post-materialism got the attention it did and class analysis started to fade was that the post-war boom made the impending necessity of class struggle less a lived experience and more a rhetorical talking point.  Perhaps the “Euro-communists” were keeping Marxism alive in the ways most relevant to the socio-cultural position they were in, perhaps they should’ve been doing more to rally the masses …  Their works are definitely important, the challenge becomes how to weaponise it from being abstract analysis into a tool to effectively challenge power structures, incorporating it into the arsenal.  I know a tendency amongst Trot organisations (as a whole, not necessarily individuals) to be quite reductionist and narrow in the philosophers they look at or promote whereas really there’s a wealth of criticism that could be used and expanded upon, but the relevance to the physicality of class struggle isn’t so immediate so it gets left by the wayside.  Much like a marxist economist doesn’t have so much time for the concept of alienation, and I don’t have so much time for differential calculus …

(You possibly tapped into a ramble I’ve been waiting to have for a while)

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