Look, a representative government can be controlled by the people. But if people don’t give a fuck to represent themselves, money will step right in and do it for us.

No they can’t.  Who stands in elections, how are these people chosen, who runs campaigns, how do they campaign, who pays for campaign material, what do they put in their manifestos, how do they decide what they put in their manifestos, how does the media report on campaigns, who owns the media, who pays for adverts in the media and therefore has financial interest in structuring what the media represents, how does capitalist society structure itself, how is education funded and who sets the curriculum, how does the education; media; etc structure people’s understanding of and motivation for civic interaction, once someone has been through this process reconsider who it is that runs in elections and how they structure their manifesto.

After all of these questions have been considered, why do you think that representative democracy is the legitimate means that hasn’t been fully tested?  Why do you lay blame on people who are disenfranchised by the system for not participating in it, rather than in the system that alienates them?

I’m not asking for you to go through the rational process of how you come to your conclusions.  I’m asking you to consider the socialisation process you engage in from the very second you’re born that structures how your mind interprets normative interaction.

Your thoughts are not your own.  Never make the mistake of thinking they are.

Yes I’ve been very aware, I think anybody who has had a political discussion even to this small extent is aware. No I don’t think anything about this time is particularly any different except for the fact that people are starting to realize that they can’t ignore politics anymore.

Cart before the horse.  Post-materialist politics (as in, politics driven around social rather than economic issues) can only exist with emphasis in situations where the middle classes are doing quite well for themselves.  Remember that the middle class and upper class issues drive political discourse.  It’s only when the middle classes start feeling the pinch that issues regarding workplaces and the economy can begin to come to the fore.  It wasn’t that working class people are suddenly hard up when they weren’t before; they were.  But it’s getting worse, and the middle classes are realising that their position as aspirant capitalists isn’t going to work out when it comes to paying the mortgage.

I still don’t agree with you, but I do appreciate this conversation so thanks for the discourse. I’m on pacific westcoast time so I’m old-ladying it off to bed.

Life is politics.: infinitecosmia: la-vie-est-politiques: infinitecosmia: I suppose I…

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