I suppose I haven’t subscribed to violent resistance because the mass majority of this country has barely begun to explore their non-violent options of getting together and voting for the proper representatives to manage this country. Jumping straight to violence does not make sense to me.

I realise universal suffrage wasn’t immediate since the American Revolution, but what exactly do you think people have been doing since 1920?

Watching tv and pretending politics don’t mean dick to them. Our voter turnout in this country is atrocious, even for Presidential elections once every 4 years. Most people I know barely vote for Presidents, you can bet your ass they don’t even know what’s going on at the state level.

The political system is geared to the interests of white, middle class males.  It’s full of lobbyists who put pressure onto the political elite who are predominately white, upper-middle or upper class males.  The discourse they use, the social expectations they represent, the class interests they benefit (notably: their own, and those of the lobbyists who guarantee them jobs or perks when they retire) are alienating to the majority of the population.  The entrenched ruling elite which maintains power.

Why would anybody bother voting?

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