I don’t understand why people aren’t defending themselves against the cops.


Shit’s getting intense everywhere. Why are people letting this happen to them?

No praxis for what to do proactively and a subservience to the media hegemony that would instantly represent the citizen as the aggressor against the bourgeois state.  I mean, ever since the civil rights movement and the way that’s represented by the education system and media rhetoric as completely pacifist non-violence winning the day, that’s a very deeply-embedded propaganda that’s hard to break free from.  There’s a particularly nice quote which floats around from the French 1968 uprising about people internalising self-censoring behaviour and having to actively work to overcome that:

There’s a policeman in my head and I must kill him.

Which I think illustrates quite nicely.  I think obviously not meant literally, it represents that people reach a turning point through experience as to how they should proceed and understanding what should be regarded as legitimate force.

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