What the fuck does “Islamist” mean anyway?


We have a term for people who follow Islamic values, they’re called Muslims not “Islamists”.

And if you mean to use “Islamist” as an adjective (ie. “Islamist values”), before these words with negative connotations showed up, most normal people used to use Islamic (ie. “Islamic values”)

And Islamism? Really? “Ghannouchi, who spent 22 years in exile in Britain, has associated his party with the moderate Islamism of Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan.” 

So Islamism is is an ideology that is based on Islam- um isn’t Islam already an Ideology? What exactly is so wrong about simply saying “his party is associated with Islam” or “his party follows the principles of Islam”?

The best part is how all these new terms are like the worst thing ever to be associated with- all through out articles on the Arab Spring everyone is so concerned that these people affiliated with this horrible Islam-thing don’t take over because of the horrifying aspect that the general population might actually like them. HOLY SHIT THEY OVERTHREW THE BRUTAL DICTATOR AND DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED ISLAMISTS- THE REVOLUTION WAS FOR NOTHING. Do I honestly have to expound on how fucking idiotic that type of thinking is?

Islamism is used to refer to the notion that political systems should be governed with (usually the more extreme end of) Islamic values. I’m not saying the way it’s thrown around isn’t problematic and, well, racist but the intended purpose is to differentiate between the faith of Islam as compared to the political application.

I suspect a lot of it comes down to the contradictions westerners experience in secularisation of political systems which don’t perceptually relate when looking at Muslim states.  Although it plays a lot into the moral panic xenophobic nationalists play up about Sharia Law infiltrating their own government systems, the way it’s MEANT to be used is to refer to theocratic states such as the Iranian system with Ayatollah Khomeini, and movements such as the Muslim Brotherhood.

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