Now – 1948: Israel – Jewish democracy

1948 – 1918: British rule

1917 – 1517: Ottoman rule

1516 – 1291: Malmuk rule

1291 – 1099: Crusader domination

1099 – 636: Arab rule

636 – 313: Byzantine rule

313 – 63BCE: Roman rule

63BCE – 166BCE: Hasmonean rule – Jewish autonomy

166BCE – 332BCE: Hellenistic rule. Land remained a Jewish theocracy

332BCE – 538BCE – Jewish return to the land from Babylonia

538BCE – 586BCE – Babylonian rule

586BCE – 722BCE: Assyrian rule

722BCE – 1300BCE: First Jewish people settle in the land, and in 1020BCE a Jewish monarchy is established.

Want to deny a Jewish history to the land, now?

You do realise sovereign nation-states that we understand didn’t exist until around the 17th century, and even then this concept really developed to normalise European Imperialism?  So the language you’re using to deny the existence of Palestine is completely irrelevant to the majority of the time period to which you refer, and during the time period it is applicable all you’re doing is reaffirming that Empires are oppressive in nature, and by using that as proof for your claims without recognising it you are in turn internalising and promoting imperialist oppression?

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