i agree. we should be trying to politicize/radicalize the ‘uncaring’ homeless, not throwing them out.

i mean, i know from personal experience at OWS that there are likely some homeless you just can’t help, but i also know that such cynicism (whether based in reality or not) must always be resisted.

i also totally agree with the “non”-hierarchical systems comment. my time at OWS has well illustrated that such systems are, in many ways, much more insidious, since the hierarchs essentially conceal themselves (also reminds me of Zizek’s oft-made claim that it is precisely those who claim to be non-ideological who are most ideological; cf. OWS’s recent claim, on the website (meaning it’s really Media and/or PR who’s claiming it), to be “post-political”).

I really, really hate the term post-political.  It completely misunderstands what politics is, just trying to sound edgy without any meaning behind it.

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