the problem with capitalism and voluntarism





I agree with this unless they use anarcho-capitalism, anarcho-syndicalism, anarcho-pacifism, or any other branch of anarchism as a term for the expected outcome of an anarchist society.

In other words, I’m an anarchist in the sense that I support a society of voluntary association without rulers, but I’m an anarcho-capitalist in the sense that I believe a capitalist system will be the overall result of an anarchist society.

(edited out)

I’d like to thank self-ownership for so beautifully demonstrating why voluntaryism cannot work.

Bourgeois hegemony: you just don’t understand it.

This is what I was getting at in my last post. They just don’t get it. Capitalists are Capitalists. Of course, calling yourself a capitalist is rather pointless. We live in a capitalist economy. The anarchist tag that so many Libertarians use is simply a crass attempt to associate themselves with activism and radicalism. It’s lazy bourgeois hegemony. It’s liberalism at its worst. It’s rank consumerism.

dagseoul you’ve very consistent lately been posting things that I agree with.  Not that you don’t normally, but lately it’s been more of a yes yes than just a yes.

Follow recommendation for anybody reading this, happening right here.

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