I’m sorry, but if you honestly believe that Obama is better than Ron Paul, you’re a fucking idiot.


You just called him an “apologist” and tried to argue that he just wants to be “cool.” It’s like you’re trying to make baseless personal attacks for the sake of developing a paragraph with points that you can’t cite and support.

If I really cared enough I’d go back through my posts to try and find the time when Clifford was calling for unity with voluntaryists.  Here’s the dealio: capitalism is a system that requires totality to exist.  If it doesn’t have that it will fight for it.  Voluntaryism is an apologism for capitalism and people who argue for unity with anyone who defends in the slightest people who want capitalism I have absolutely no time for.

Clifford’s attitude that statism is the worst of all sins is built from a flawed understanding of what (and why) the state is and could be.  His repeated attacks on people who don’t spend their entire time attacking the state is tiresome, his approach in calling them idiots is invoking of able-ist language, his use of “doxing” people for arguing with him on the internet is just really fucking trying.

Why would I spend any substantial amount of time giving two shits about someone who actively attacks and disrupts class organisation and class solidarity?

EDIT : The awkward moment when someone thinks that Cliffordcorrupt is rich or in the upper middle class and is trying to push himself into movements because he thinks that class doesn’t exist.

Sorry, did I say he was any of those things?  Fuckssake Engels was bourgeois but he supported proletarian action and consciousness.  It’s not about the socio-economic position held on a substantial level I give a damn about, it’s how you treat the worker.  If a worker wants to vote for Obama because, I dunno, he’ll give them access to healthcare without breaking the bank and Clifford’s response is to call them an idiot … at what point should I have any respect for the guy?

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