I’m sorry, but if you honestly believe that Obama is better than Ron Paul, you’re a fucking idiot.


are you aware that you associate with voluntarism yourself, because you associate with anti-statist ‘libertarian socialists’ and anarchists? anarchism and voluntarism is and always has been a complete enemy of communism.

Anarchism and voluntarism do not inherently go hand in hand.  The idea that anarchism must be the complete enemy of communism must be really confusing for anarcho-communists and anarcho-socialists to get their heads around.  The idea that this has always been so must’ve led to a really complicated situation during the first international, where anarchists and communists were working together.

There is a muddying of the waters as to what anarchism actually relates to as a stand alone nomenclature.  However anarchists that are aware of the class struggle against capitalism and the bourgeois ruling class I not only associate with but also work alongside when organising. Anarchism is not always voluntarism, despite what you seem to think.

like i said, you associate with people who hold similar positions, people who aggressively attack pro-statists or libertarians/ancaps over and over again using ‘problematic’ language, so why are you attacking CC in particular? it just seems bizarre to me.

Except when I see people making a point I disagree with I challenge them on it.  If they’re being an ass about it, I will challenge them in the same format in which they make their point. Whether or not I do challenge a person can also depend on a variety of factors (whether or not I see their comment, whether or not I register it, whether or not I’m interested in challenging it at that particular moment in time because often there are more interesting/important things I could be doing).

well, there are a lot of unsurprising assumptions being thrown around about ‘white middle class males’ here. not by yourself, but by others.

as far as i’m concerned the average worker could go either way. naturally some people are tired of foreign aggression and the police state and believe paul on that front, whereas some will prefer obama because of his welfare policies. there is no obligation to respect cliff, but there are just as many political bloggers who say polemical things like that and i find it weird that you don’t criticise them…

Maybe I don’t follow them, or maybe I don’t find them as mindnumbingly annoying on the whole?

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