Denying White Privilege Is Problematic




well, there are a lot of unsurprising assumptions being thrown around about ‘white middle class males’ here. not by yourself, but by others.

as far as i’m concerned the average worker could go either way. naturally some people are tired of foreign aggression and the police state and believe paul on that front, whereas some will prefer obama because of his welfare policies. there is no obligation to respect cliff, but there are just as many political bloggers who say polemical things like that and i find it weird that you don’t criticise them…

Maybe I don’t follow them, or maybe I don’t find them as mindnumbingly annoying on the whole?

Don’t let Leon get away with this. All of that nonsense about polemic comes from the capitalist libertarians who cannot talk about the basic principles that Ron Paul represents in his rhetoric, that thing I call crass libertarianism. American Libertarianism is based on essentializing polemic about socialism (which they often confuse with communism.) Moreover, we (or I, at least,) go out of my way to illustrate why I think Austrian School economic theory is based in white power. You can see my latest on the post I wrote earlier today, “Why I hate Ludwig Von Mises”. The fact is the only response I get for writing about the actual theories and concepts that are very important to crass libertarians is whining about their whiteness, which we are to believe is a wild and unfair assumption.

You know when a white guy feels cornered when he describes a discussion about white privilege “unsurprising.” Like many libertarians, Leon is a privilege denier. What Leon is really upset about is that we’re making it a point to speak to the white power structure and white privilege it cultivates, especially on behalf of white males, and claiming that white power is a significant operative mechanism in capitalist libertarianism.

Don’t let him get away with singling you out as someone he can sympathize with because you aren’t talking about white power. Ron Paul has been working for over 18 years as a politician in the American South. He’s a careerist state official. He has had to cater to white power, participate in the bargain it makes with wealthy and poor whites alike, and he’s embraced the results. There’s a reason the conservative white voters in Texas overwhelmingly support him. He protects them, gets them as much federal money as possible, and shelters their white privilege.

People don’t support Ron Paul because they believe he is opposed to “the police state,” they support Ron Paul because he affirms their simplistic notions of what it means to be free, namely “to be free from others.” Or stupid notions like “free to say and think what I want.” It’s a white idea. It’s aristocratic. It denies community. All this talk of voluntarism is cover for two things: explicit bigotry or lack of will to cope with unearned ambition/privilege.

And this whine you’re getting from Leon about people picking on folks because they’re white should tip you off to what sounds to me like resentment. Anxiety as a result of unearned privilege and moral obligation. He wants to shrug it off, as Ayn Rand would suggest, but he knows that’s the wrong thing to do, and he’s blaming folks like me for making him think about it.

Bolding for emphasis on brilliance.  Other bits may have been suitable for making bold, but I don’t know who Leon is and I feel like I haven’t seen half the conversation.

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