I’m sorry, but if you honestly believe that Obama is better than Ron Paul, you’re a fucking idiot.



I’m not even saying I support Ron Paul. But I refuse to vote for Obama. Obama is garbage. Obama is Bush’s 3rd term (probably 4th term too if Ron Paul doesn’t get the election).

Hmm, I prefer not to starve.

In the past 3 years, Obama has had the ability to let me starve. He instead took action and insisted that I do not starve. That makes me feel good

Ron Paul however runs on a “Pro starving me” platform.

That doesn’t sound good for me.

It’s easy to talk politics if you only want to talk about war and drugs. However, as Clinton once said “It’s the Economy Stupid!” At the core, that’s the predominant thing that matters to me and I will place my vote for whoever promises bottom up economic growth and Barack Obama promises that in a much more meaningful way than Ron Paul ever will.

No way man, you have to reject the state entirely if you want to be in Clifford’s Club of Cool.  If you want to use the state as best possible to defend your class before the revolution comes, you’re betraying your ideals and an idiot.  So what if Obama is significantly better at supporting the impoverished than Ron Paul when they both wear suits!

Clifford comes from the “I’m much more radical than you!” school but ignores the fact that evidently his socio-economic position facilitates his ability to actualise his political expression.  For someone who is ill and cannot afford healthcare, they’re not going to give a shit whether or not Clifford calls them an idiot for wanting to vote Obama over Paul.  Tragically, Clifford seems to think that if he runs around belittling people for wanting to defend their livelihoods and their class; people will start to think he’s cool for being so radical.  In reality he seems to err more into being an apologist for voluntaryism and his repeated, condescending attitude towards workers interests in this instance is unnerving and telling.

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