Arab Spring ? NO , Arab Revolution ? Yes :)


I really like your blog and I enjoy going through it countless times and it’s always informative and entertaining . I’m also an Egyptian and I’ve read a post you’d reblogged about ” not comparing Occupy Wall Street to the { Arab Springs } ” and I have absolutely nothing against you or whoever wrote the initial blog but I just wanted to friendly point out the difference between the two expressions ” Spring ” and ” Revolution ” . The Media machine in general likes ” Spring ” because it takes away from the magnitude of what is happening right now and makes it much easier to tame but ask the People and they will tell you it’s a full on ” Revolution “. Other than that , keep em coming 🙂

I hear what you’re saying but I’m not sure I entirely agree.  I mean it is really important to find ways to break through the media hegemony, but I’m not convinced homogenising the entire struggle that’s happening through the middle east and north Africa as having been a revolution would be, quite simply, correct.  Many of them continue, some have been quelled or subdued and a small minority have seen an actual revolution occur.

Especially when you consider that in British history we had a civil war in 1649 where the king was beheaded and we were entering into a transitional from an absolute monarchy, that was largely reversed 9 years later when Cromwell died.  So it’s termed a civil war, instead of a revolution.  So until it at least becomes clearer what form of stable government will be emerging, I’m reticent to use the term revolution.

In the words of Zhou Enlai, it’s too soon to tell.

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