I never quite know what to use other than “third world”. Obviously “uncivilized” is not what I want to say…

What is a more appropriate term?

I tend to go for Global South for the least politically charged term.  Third world is a layover from the cold war (where western “advanced industrial democracies” [as my polsci lecturers would phrase it, which makes me grit my teeth every time] made up the “first world”, communist states were the “second world” and non-aligned states were the “third world”).  Obviously it’s heavily charged with treating such states as being backwards, incompetent and brings up images from charity adverts rather than developing any understanding of the complex socio-economic positions these states exist in.

While I was still in secondary school they were starting to use more/less economically developed.  This still plays into an overly simplistic “oh they’re backwards and not as good as us” world view, erasing the post-colonial situation that created their economic conditions and also assuming that the western/Global North capitalist model is the way for them to progress forwards.

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