kether ۶ melkuth: akagoldfish: Let’s face facts: When the revolution comes, you smarmy…






Oh, Im sorry honey! I didnt realize you had problems reading English! Mkay, let me help you out: we dont have religious or ethnic tensions here. That good enough for you? You show a huge lack of understanding of abortion if you think it’s a religious problem. PEOPLE PROTEST ABORTION BECAUSE THEY THINK ITS KILLING A HUMAN, END OF STORY. Christianity has pieces to do with it HOWEVER I personally know NONRELIGIOUS PEOPLE who are pro-life. I also know Christians and Jews who are Pro-choice. Golly! Funny how that works!

This argument is completely ridiculous anyway, there is no way there would be a militia big enough to take down the entire country unless China decided to start dropping soldiers from air planes. You’re going to have to have better argument than lots of bold and italics and repetition with no facts to support your argument!!11!

You’re the gift that keeps on giving aren’t you?  You don’t think, for example, the mass outcry at the idea of (not a Mosque) a Muslim Community Centre being built (not on but) near ground zero may be slightly an indication of both religious and ethnic/racial tension?

What about every time Westboro Baptist Church goes on a God Hates Fags protest, you don’t think events like that cause conflict with atheist communities and other religious factions?  You don’t think the contradiction of secularisation and growing non-Christian religions in the context of a state with religion firmly embedded into it’s organisational power structures (in God we trust!) may be slightly indicative of there being religious tension?  You don’t think minority communities suffer from worse job and education opportunities, that they don’t find themselves ghettoised and ostracised by the media (just look at New Orleans: white people “foraged for food” while black people were “looting”).

You may not feel it.  You may not see it.  It may not make the news every day.  If you think tensions don’t exist you really need to pull your head out the sand.

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