I never meant it to be my argument, and that is quite obvious from my post.

Furthermore, how is his subjective claim backed? I’m still waiting for an answer, but you all seem to be dodging the question.

And yes, of course we have a history of revolutions. But we are not talking about pure historical events, because those do not fully reflect the nature of today’s society. Today’s society is a lethargic corporate consumerist one. A revolution is too much for them to think about. They want their false sense of security, they just want to watch their shows and eat their processed food. They don’t care enough to revolt anymore.

And yes, this does not constitute everyone. Of course some will protest, but the silent majority will remain true to their title.

lawl, that old chestnut?

The unwashed masses are:

  • Lazy
  • Content
  • Apathetic
  • Lacking the know-how
  • Lacking the organisation
  • Lacking the ideology
  • Lacking the equipment/material requirements

Delete as applicable.

There is a balance to the coin on this.  Firstly that nobody ever expects the revolution.  And I don’t mean this in the sense of contradicting what akagoldfish has been saying, because he’s entirely right: there’s almost always a revolution coming.  But nobody knows when it will happen.  You think throughout time every revolution that’s happened had been planned for years, to the finest detail, and went of just as expected?  Lenin said, of the 1917 revolution, that he never saw it coming.  The revolutions and near revolutions of the Arab Spring sprang out of nowhere while western academics saying they were too culturally incompatible (whatever the fuck that means) to comprehend democracy.  It just wouldn’t happen, yet now look!

You think people are sitting, content in the wallowing pits of stupidity brought by consumerist culture, so gluttonous and slothful and accepting of capitalist norms that they’d never be motivated to change.  Well here’s a news flash for you: what happens when capitalism fails?  When resource accumulation gets stretched so thin and condensed to only one place that everybody else is on the shit end of the stick and can’t live in the lifestyle they’ve been taught they have to be accustomed to?  Here’s a hint: shit hits the fan.  Big style.  And it almost always springs out of nowhere.

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