flannelphase replied to your post: So wait…

but but but the APPLE ][ man. he made that shit affordable for schools. i went to a shit poor school and we actually GOT COMPUTERS because of him. i will always love him for that. the rest? yeah. i can take it or leave it.

Yeah, that’s almost a point, but I really can no longer see acts of charity as a reason to overlook general capitalist rapaciousness.

And it’s not even like it was completely out of the goodness of his heart. Increasing computer literacy means a larger customer base for his company down the road.

Sorry, that just makes him another capitalist, not a decent human.

The philanthropy argument is always a fun one to try and figure out.

“So these guys made computers, and made them really expensive so you couldn’t afford them, but then gave some away so you could use them.  Now we have brand loyalty so we have to continue buying their overpriced products, but they do give SOME away!  Aren’t they good to us?”

Thanking the master that beats you.

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