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Yellowface and cultural appropriation are NOT COOL, Burlesque Ball.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve done lots of research or you intended it to be positive or whatever other common excuse there is for stuff like this.
(since when did a maiko wear a corset?)
It’s still participating in and encouraging cultural imperialism, exoticism, and reducing huge groups of people to just certain stereotypes – making it harder for the rest of us to be taken as we are. It’s one of the reasons I kept getting introduced as the “Exotic Bollywood princess” against my will, why we don’t get taken seriously unless we’re super exotic or super sanitised.

How many Asians have there been in the Burlesque Ball?
…yeah, thought so.

I could recommend you two Asians in Australia that actually do burlesque.
But you probably wouldn’t want them – too political. And too hairy.

You want to claim that I’m “not encouraging positivity”? This is not encouraging positivity. This is alienating and annoying. 

Thanks for making it harder for the rest of us, Burlesque Ball. You’re the biggest event in the country, could have used that platform for something innovative and interesting, but no…just joining in with everyone else in Aussie Burlesque.
“oh you don’t have a sense of humour!”
What about a sense of respect






Yeah! What if they have guns and launch projectiles that shatter people’s skulls?! 

Oh, that was the police? Well, I guess that’s okay then… </sarcasm>

The crazed look on the cop’s face mimics what’s been captured on video. If you want to know what they think of the protesters, check out this forum where police are discussing the lead up to Scott Olsen’s skull fracture at Occupy Oakland. They’re smearing a Marine to justify brutality.

Longshore workers are attempting to shut down the ports in the Bay Area. We will be calling for other workers in other ports to join us. At the same time that the Occupation Movement is taking place, there is a major attack against workers in the ports. If the int’l shippers who are inextricably linked to the Wall Street interests attempt to break the Longshore Union on the West Coast, we will call on all port workers in this country to shut down for a historic strike. Victory to the working class! Here and internationally! Join with me in the Longshore slogan: AN INJURY TO ONE IS AN INJURY TO ALL.


Billy Bragg – Never Cross a Picket Line.

Before gas goes into a crowd shield bearers have to be making no progress moving a crowd or crowd must be assaulting the line. Not with sticks and stones but a no bullshit assault. 3 warnings must be given to the crowd in a manner they can hear that force is about to be used. Shield bearers take a knee and CS gas is released in grenade form first to fog out your lines because you have gas masks. You then kick the canisters along in front of your lines. Projectile gas is not used except for longer ranged engagement or trying to steer the crowd ( by steering a crowd I mean firing gas to block a street off ). You also have shotguns with beanbags and various less than lethal rounds for your launchers. These are the rules for a WARZONE!!

How did a cop who is supposed to have training on his weapon system accidentally SHOOT someone in the head with a 40mm gas canister? Simple. He was aiming at him.

Marine Says Oakland Used Crowd Control Methods That Are Prohibited In War Zones (via thepolitics)

There was a big story a while ago, if I recall correctly it was that a guy who was part of the ISM had been killed in Palestine when an IOF soldier shot him with a CS round to the face.  That’s a no-bullshit toy to be playing around with.



This is a pretty good example of the dangers of wealth inequality, and why people are protesting Wall St and not DC. 

also a fitting representative of the actual number of democrats and progressives in Congress. 


















I wish I had taken a photo of the entrance to Starbucks every day I’ve been there, because there is not one single person, in any fucking queue.

Sly dig.

I was going for more ‘quite obviously aimed at you’…

Fairtrade is not a solution. It’s an interim, a bourgeois solution to rampant unregulated capitalism. It has a place at the moment, but all it does is assuages guilt. In fact, one of my comrades yesterday joked that I was ‘saving the world one orange juice at a time’ by buying Fairtrade OJ. And he was right: The point is not to reform capitalism. The point is not to feel better about capitalism. The point is to end it. 

But while we’re at it, I feel, as nike, coca-cola, nestle, starbucks, M&S boycotter, as well as engaging in total and uncompromising BDS on Israeli goods, being a part of the student movement building for what we hope to become general and indefinite strike on N30th, as well as the ‘pre-game’ on N9th, giving my full physical support to the electricians on-going strikes and pickets at Blackfriars, and as a card carrying, sub-paying member of CND, SWP, Avaaz and WDM, I feel somewhat eligible to criticise a system that I make some effort to bring about the end of.

So don’t fucking start your ridiculous tirades about how little I do.

So Nike and nestle are the only big evil companies? Or is it too much effort boycotting everyone else with a bad record?

How can I boycott everything? How? I would literally have to go back to medieval times. You should read the SWP’s party line on individual boycott (which you won’t) because it is not effective in the over throw of capitalism. I engage in some individual boycotts that are personal to me, buy I can’t boycott every corporation, or everything that is sourced unethically. What I can do is work to stop things being made unethically. That is so much more effective.

So buying unethically made goods is working to stop them being made? Good plan.


And how exactly are you bringing that about Ellen? Signing up to some news letters and carrying some cards about, good luck.

Card carrying is just an expression, Storm.

And no, by being involved in the biggest general strikes this year. Mind you, I mentioned my involvement in various public, private, and student based cases of industrial action a few moments ago, but you chose to ignore it because it didn’t suit the witty like cliche you had already made about me just ‘signing up to newsletters’

And what did those strikes achieve Ellen? Did they ‘raise awareness?’

Well given that November hasn’t actually happened yet…

And you know full well that that’s not the point of a strike. And I’m glad public sector strikes are just a bit joke to you. 

Strikes are just a way of collectively throwing your toys out of the pram and pissing off a whole load of people at the same time, great stuff right? 

Industrial action is an integral tool of the working class. What would you have public sector employees do? Accept up to 35% pay cuts? They’ve got lives to lead.

What level of action is acceptable from people who have been let down by the government? 

So I assume stormjh buys everything from local farmers markets and spins their own yarn, knits their own clothes?

20 yards of (home made) linen.

Storm In A Teacup: When people that have never been to Occupy, never spoken to anyone at Occupy, and I very much suspect, even looked at…


One For Sorrow, Two For Joy – Graffiti in Palestine.

how was the conference?

Quite good.  I didn’t actually get to see much of it, I made the mistake of turning up early and being roped into helping out set up one of the stalls and sell campaign materials (but then being a member of the SWP you sort of get used to just doing shit because it’s the shit that needs doing).  I did go to a really good talk about racism and laws encouraging lecturers to essentially spy on overseas students, and the speeches at the end were good.

The really fun bit was afterwards a group of us marched to St Paul’s and the Occupy LSX camp, in the road, chanting anti-capitalist slogans.  I’ve really missed student demos, November 9th is gonna be sooooo good.


Tehran, Iran – Iranian women gather in front of the Swiss Embassy in Tehran to show their support of anti-Wall Street demonstrators in the United States on October 22, 2011. UPI.Maryam Rahmanian [source]


Foreclosure lawyers mock foreclosed-upon families with Halloween costumes portraying them as hobos

Joe Nocera, New York Times:

On Friday, the law firm of Steven J. Baum threw a Halloween party. The firm, which is located near Buffalo, is what is commonly referred to as a “foreclosure mill” firm, meaning it represents banks and mortgage servicers as they attempt to foreclose on homeowners and evict them from their homes. Steven J. Baum is, in fact, the largest such firm in New York; it represents virtually all the giant mortgage lenders, including Citigroup, JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo.

The party is the firm’s big annual bash. Employees wear Halloween costumes to the office, where they party until around noon, and then return to work, still in costume. I can’t tell you how people dressed for this year’s party, but I can tell you about last year’s.

That’s because a former employee of Steven J. Baum recently sent me snapshots of last year’s party. In an e-mail, she said that she wanted me to see them because they showed an appalling lack of compassion toward the homeowners — invariably poor and down on their luck — that the Baum firm had brought foreclosure proceedings against.

“There is this really cavalier attitude,” Nocera’s contact told him. “It doesn’t matter that people are going to lose their homes.”

The attitude is, of course, disgusting. And it demonstrates what Occupy Wall Street is all about. If you think these people give a crap about you, you’re a fool. In their mind, the entire United States is just a support system for the rich. You’re not a person, you’re a crop. A crop they’re going to wring every kernel out of they can.

Once there are no more kernels to be shaken out of you, then you’re worthless — as a commodity and as a person. You become, in their eyes, contemptible.

I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it until it stops being true; ‘baggers are chumps.

I don’t understand why people aren’t defending themselves against the cops.


Shit’s getting intense everywhere. Why are people letting this happen to them?

No praxis for what to do proactively and a subservience to the media hegemony that would instantly represent the citizen as the aggressor against the bourgeois state.  I mean, ever since the civil rights movement and the way that’s represented by the education system and media rhetoric as completely pacifist non-violence winning the day, that’s a very deeply-embedded propaganda that’s hard to break free from.  There’s a particularly nice quote which floats around from the French 1968 uprising about people internalising self-censoring behaviour and having to actively work to overcome that:

There’s a policeman in my head and I must kill him.

Which I think illustrates quite nicely.  I think obviously not meant literally, it represents that people reach a turning point through experience as to how they should proceed and understanding what should be regarded as legitimate force.

I bet feminists would convince more people if they didn’t get all pissy when someone disagreed with them.



When I first got on tumblr I had very little knowledge of the feminist struggle. So I ended up getting in “debates” (if you could call it that, more like namecalling sessions) with feminists. I was turned off by that and become anti-feminists, mostly because I didn’t like the PEOPLE that were feminist.

Then I started reading actual feminist arguments and feminist literature to try to be more open minded, and it made sense. 

But still, a majority of tumblr feminists piss me off because they are not open to civil discourse.

“You disagree with me, slightly? Well I’m going to strawman incredibly, make up this sexist  viewpoint and pretend that viewpoint is yours and then I’ll attack you for it. YOU PATRIARCHAL ASSHOLE” 

Fuck that. If you really want equality, don’t be a douchebag to people who disagree with you. You could probably convince them if you were civil and used logic.

>You could probably convince them if you were civil and used logic.

I was wrong. That post about napkins is not the stupidest thing I will read today.

  • Complains about feminists “creating” sexist arguments and putting them in people’s mouths.
  • Homogenises all women who believe in gender equality into a convenient strawman to thus be easily ignored within the patriarchal system.
  • Doesn’t seem to get that this would be sexist.

Sorry anticapitalist but this just really isn’t your day …


Egyptians march from Tahrir Square to support Occupy Oakland protestors | Boing Boing

By Xeni Jardin

Friday, October 28, 2011

As they vowed earlier this week to do, Egyptian pro-democracy protesters marched from Tahrir square to the U.S. Embassy today to march in support of Occupy Oakland—and against the type of police brutality witnessed in Oakland on Tuesday night, and commonly experienced in Egypt.

In this post, photos from Egyptian blogger Mohammed Maree, who is there at the march live-tweeting these snapshots. He is a journalist with, a human rights activist, and a veterinarian; all photos are his.

The larger demonstration back at Tahrir was about issues closer to home: Egyptians are demanding that the military transfer power quickly to a representative civilian government, after the death by torture of a 24-year-old political prisoner named Essam Ali Atta. As the Guardian reports, critics say his death proves that the junta is failing to dismantle Mubarak’s brutal security apparatus:

Essam Ali Atta, a civilian serving a two-year jail term in Cairo’s high-security Tora prison following his conviction in a military tribunal earlier this year for an apparently “common crime”, was reportedly attacked by prison guards after trying to smuggle a mobile phone sim card into his cell. According to statements from other prisoners who witnessed the assault, Atta had large water hoses repeatedly forced into his mouth and anus on more than one occasion, causing severe internal bleeding. An officer then transferred Atta to a central Cairo hospital, but he died within an hour.

His funeral took place today. Follow live tweets from the memorial at #esamatta. Journalist Reem Abdellatif, who is there, tweets:

His sister just passed out screaming they took my brother from me. [photo]. The scene is devastating at the morgue #essamatta’s mom and sister keep calling out to him like he’s still alive. Essam was 24.

As some protesters noted, that is exactly the same age as Scott Olsen, the US vet injured at Occupy Oakland. They see both men as victims of state brutality.

Above, guards outside the US embassy block protesters from advancing closer.

droppingthefbomb replied to your post: I will be at the Education Activists Network conference in London tomorrow

I got tickets to go but I fucking can’t now because I’m ill. FUCK. Have fun though!

As if.  I went on the December 9th student demo smothered in vaporub and an olbas oil drenched scarf.  No mercy for flu sufferers!

Unless you literally are bed ridden.  In which case I guess … yeah. 🙂

P.S. the vaporub was sort of creepily like that episode of the Simpsons where Groundskeeper Willy gets oiled up and glides through the ventilation shafts.  Only really nothing like that.


The canon chancellor of St Paul’s Cathedral [in London] resigned because he could not face the prospect of “Dale Farm [a massive recent police eviction of peaceful squatters in a camp near London] on the steps of St Paul’s”, as police prepared to take action against the anti-capitalist protesters within days.

Giles Fraser, who announced his decision on Twitter, said he could not sanction the use of violence to rid the cathedral grounds of Occupy the London Stock Exchange campaigners.

The protest, comprising hundreds of tents, is entering its 13th day and organisers say they have no intention of leaving in the foreseeable future despite repeated requests from the cathedral, the City of London Corporation, the bishop of London, the mayor of London and the lord mayor of London…

“It is not about my sympathies or what I believe about the camp. I support the right to protest and in a perfect world we could have negotiated. But our legal advice was that this would have implied consent. The church cannot answer peaceful protest with violence.”

It was apparent that the [City of London] was clearer than the cathedral about its desire to see the protesters moved on, Fraser said.

OccupyLSX: Chancellor of St. Paul’s Cathedral resigns over potential police eviction of Occupiers

I will be at the Education Activists Network conference in London tomorrow

If any of you guys will be there as well and want to meet up for a drink during the lunch break or afterwards, drop me an ask and I’ll send you my mobile number (or send me your mobile number and I’ll drop you a text?)

For obvious reasons though any anon asks on the subject will be ignored.  I’m not giving my number to just anyone 🙂


Flier to OWS Protesters: “Defending Against Tear Gas”

1) “Maalox is a must.”

2) “Stay vigilant. Stay united. Stay informed. Protect your fellow countrymen. Don’t trust the media.”


My feelings about Rory summed up in a gif.

He’s not a character.  The only reason he keeps coming back to life is because he’s a convenient plot tool, and it’s much easier to reuse him than it is to re-introduce a new one.  Rory has no purpose of his own within Dr Who other than to enable other characters to do things.

It is the often covert nature of the industry and its activities that gives it a great deal of its power. Without knowing who is spinning what messages, where and how, the public is denied a full understanding of how modern political economy functions, and without transparency there can be no true democracy.

Chris Grimshaw – A Tour of the United Kingdom’s Public Relations Industry, a chapter in the book Thinker, Faker, Spinner, Spy: Corporate PR and the Assault on Democracy.

Grimshaw is referring to the public relations industry.  If you watch the documentary I just posted (here) one of the interesting points is that the term “public relations” was invented by Edward Bernays as a response to the term “propaganda” being used so heavily to refer to Nazi propagandising.  Before that time there was no distinction made between overt, direct, state propaganda and what we’d now call public relations.  Arguably, there still isn’t and we should recognise the term public relations to be, in itself, a form of the propagandising which the practise promotes.

Century of the Self part 1 of 4.

This really interesting first part of the documentary focusses around Freud’s development of psychoanalysis and it’s application, primarily by Edward Bernays, in the US to the development of consumerist culture as a way to control the wants and desires of the masses.  Most interesting is the way in which big business created a counter-campaign, against Roosevelt’s driven political participation for the citizen, to make synonymic the concepts of successful business, democracy and US-exceptionalism.  Undoubtedly the effects of this hyper-constructive propaganda campaign is something which can still be felt today (lolTea Party?).