Take a lesson from London.

When the state takes a life from you, take everything from the state.

>Implying that the London Riots were a crusade against the state due to a man being killed.

I have some major Anarchist leanings but even i know…

Dude, the London riots were multi-cultural. Everyone from every walk of life, low to high class, black and white, were involved.That’s why it shocked a lot of people sometime after that it emerged that, no, contrary to popular opinion, it wasn’t just dole-earners who were participating, there were successful people with high paid jobs looting and smashing shit.

The original riots were the backlash, then the subsequent days were opportunistic. There obviously was an undercurrent of frustration running through the whole thing –  millions of people do not just get up and go fucking mental for no reason. If it was, we’d do this type of thing every day.

I agree with the person who stated that, if America does riot, they NEED to hit the right targets. That’s what we failed to do. We proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that if there is co-ordination, then you can run rings around the state. What we didn’t do was make a significant impact. It freaked people out a little, but we did trash our own communities and thus failed to give the riots any significant meaning, and there’s no fucking point in that. You just take money out of your own pocket.

Had we hit government run newspapers, had we hit the Tory HQ again, had we hit out at anything that represented, or better yet, actively participated in the ruining of the country, then it’d been worth a damn, and it would have made an impct and made a difference. As it is, it didn’t.

On the off chance that America gets off it’s collective couch and starts thinking for itself again, then they need to be co-ordinated and they need to have targets. Otherwise they don’t effect anything.

Well next time the nation rises up in unbridled, undirected anger I’ll be sure to put your name forward for the guy who tells everyone which targets are suitable and which targets aren’t.  Then we can see how that goes, yeah?

In other words, you’re a moron if you think spontaneous riots can be controlled and directed.  You’re an elitist if you think that the only authentic or otherwise acceptable display of rage at the capitalist system is one which is directed through normative political expression.  You’re lying to yourself if you think that a few days of rioting, regardless of where it’s directed, is going to bring down “the system” when it’s little other than a symbolic act.  You’re verging on Maoist if you don’t argue the necessity of building the workers movement and instead argue for a form of revolutionary vanguardism that prioritises the acts of a select few participating in guerilla actions.  You’re classist if you distinguish between a “good” riot and a “bad” riot.

Basically, pull your head out the sand.

Life is politics.: Dear America,

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