weexist-weresist replied to your post: gets chuckles

what are voluntaryists??

They’re the clan of people who envisage a future post-state society based on voluntary interaction.  So for example you can have a community of socialists, a community of anarchists, a community of capitalists.  Each living in isolation from one another and it’s down to the individual to make a choice as to which of those systems they want to live under.  It usually comes hand in hand with pacifism of the non-aggression principle.

The only problem is such an attitude is on the blind-side of utopianism.  It completely doesn’t comprehend the concepts of ideological bourgeois hegemony, doesn’t realise politics as an expression of power, doesn’t understand that capitalism is by definition and market necessity an expansionist system and doesn’t even realise the implications of simple geographical logistics and resource distribution.

So as far as I’m concerned they’re capitalists because although you can get left-wing voluntaryists, the net result of the philosophy is bending over backwards and asking the capitalists to please not take too much.

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