If Anarcho-capitalists aren’t anarchists. then We could say that Protestants and Catholics aren’t Christians simply because Gnostism came first when they don’t follow the tenets put forward in the bible, especially the new testament. The meaning of words change and adapt over time but in matters of philosophical discourse, rather than colloquial discussions, words are granted specific meaning so that they can be used in a consistent fashion so that everybody know’s what’s being spoken about. Being against hierarchy is not a defining characteristic of anarchism; both etymologically (anarchism meaning literally the absence of rulers) and looking at the ideological heritage, where anarchism was born out of the class struggle against capitalist, bourgeois society with organisations such as the first international and events such as the Paris Commune. it is a preference secondary to being opposed to states,. Just because a bunch of quisling capitalists took for themselves the nomenclature of anarcho- as a prefix to capitalist, doesn’t mean they have any relevance to the philosophical/ideological position of anarchism.  It’s an attempt by the bourgeois class to subvert youthful rebellion, to declaw anti-capitalist organisations by obfuscating their purpose through mis-appropriation of the name.  It’s etymologically incorrect, it’s ahistorical and just another instance of individualist ego(t)ists trying to make the world revolve around them, just like the petulant toddlers they have and forever will be.  Call them what they are: capitalists, free-marketeers, bourgeois, bastards.  Don’t buy into the idea that they’re your friend, because the modern nation-state was born out of capitalism.  The idea that the two can or should be separated is not only fanciful but a direct attack against the worker’s capacity for self-determination and should be resisted at all accepting the validity of the Catholic Church is secondary to accepting Christ as your savior in Christianity. I’m not sure how that church shit at the beginning was relevant.

Fixed it for you.

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