this is good cause i know weve all had lots of fun posting counter 911 pictures and stuff but also sometimes (always) its good to talk (not just talk) about how its not just that the system does coups and massacres and wars and makes nice educated progressive politicians go bye bye and military dictatorships happen

but also that unthinkable numbers of people die in much more awful ways than gettin shot exactly because of the system but this is lbieral violence and so its scattered all over rather than being concentrated and regimented as an Event

liberals will surely agree with you and say yes pinochet is bad and thats because he was never really liberal or neoliberal he was a fascist and he killed people very directly through the state apparatus as well as economically . so we focus on these borderline cases like liberal violence manifesting in nonliberal ways or just nonliberal violence that was/is supported by liberals cause its economically liberal or whatever

but we never get to the point of saying “liberal violence kills millions of people and instead of sitting around apologizing for stalin and mao all the time and whining about cia killed che and chile ws nine eleven too we need to you know stop the horrifiec murder of millions of people all around the world by any means necesary”

i do this by posting jokes about repbulicans on my blog 

ps the other problem here is that liberal first world audiences or whatever only care when the violence starts to affect the bourgeoisie as well. a million peasants die, whatever. some middle class south americans get disappeared someone call in the riot squad ! and obvs this is why thye hate all actual left wing governments ever

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