This week in Bahrain. Nearly 20,000 protesters walked through the streets of Muqsha, west of the capital of Manama, to protest the Bahraini government Friday during the ongoing, violent turmoil in the nation.

During a Friday sermon, senior Shiite cleric Sheik Isa Qassim said the government’s brutality would not halt protests:

Those who refuse to reform and continue to ignore the people’s demands for rights should know that the masses will not submit to despots

Their resilience saw a glimpse of light this week after Bahraini officials released 20 doctors and medical personnel on bail following their detainment – along with 28 others –  on charges of murder, provoking hatred and other felonies and misdemeanors.

The imprisoned doctors were reportedly on a hunger strike for seven days before being released. International condemnation grew this week as doctors from across the globe vowed to join the hunger strike in solidarity with the detained medical staff. Charges have not been dropped, however. The trial will resume September 29.

[Above: Anti-government protesters clash with riot police late Wednesday, Sept. 7, 2011, in Daih, Bahrain; protesters take to the streets in Muqsha on Friday, September 9; Dr. Ali al-Ekri, center, and an unidentified man hug each other at al-Ekri’s home Wednesday, Sept. 7 in Daih, Bahrain. Al-Ekri was one of the medical workers released from jail Wednesday; a protesters holds the flag displaying a man’s arm in chains while flashing a peace sign (left) and Pearl Monument (right), the landmark statue which was demolished by the government in March amidst violent clashes with demonstrators. Credits: Hasan Jamali / AP]

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