A fair point, but it brings me back to what I was saying prior. If you’re going to say that racism causes the actions of the African-Americans who beat up Mackaye, which I agree with, we have to keep looking back. It seems to me, that the ultimate cause of America’s social reality is the idea of racial hierarchy, that people should are worth more or less based on their race and ought to be treated accordingly. This motivated the slave-trade, as it motivated the people who beat up Mackaye.


Where did the idea come from? it was not waiting in the aether, nor is it innate – what caused it?

I honestly don’t know.

the mode of production. I said it previously, i’m sure I did…

this does not mean race and class are the same. fuck that idea. just no, i want nothing to do with it. 

But at the time when the slave trade originated, wouldn’t the Africans be considered as outside or alien to the mode of production, thus we have to examine European social mores and not just the mode of production?

To my understanding, the notion of racial divides as we understand it today developed at around the same time as the enlightenment philosophers and the shift towards capitalist modes of production rather than feudalist systems.  It coincided with European states switching from fighting amongst themselves for land and resources, to instead looking outside of Europe for land to conquer and colonise as a part of their empire.  So instead of direct conflict amongst other European countries, the expression of power came from the land they’d conquered, the people they’d enslaved, the resources they now had access to and the subsequent wealth all of this produced.

Racial divides did not pre-exist in the same format until this change started to happen.  It was not a trait endemic of European social mores, it was a change in culture to deny guilt for and attempt to morally legitimise the new format in which wealth was created under the newly capitalist system.  The social mores were changed to suit the mode of production and the source of wealth.

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