you know you’re in the politics section of tumblr when the dictionary’s legitimacy is questioned.

If the Oxford English Dictionary held all the answers for a precise, detailed definition of the terms I use on my course, I wouldn’t need a dictionary of politics.  Further to this, if all the philosophers I’ve studied used the same words in the same way there would’ve been a lot less to read.  The fact of the matter is they don’t; language is constantly changing to suit ideas developing and arising and to suit different contexts that they’re used in.

Dictionaries don’t keep up with this immediately: that’s why new words and new definitions are added over time.  To assume that language stays in stasis, never changes and is never used differently by different groups for different things, is a complete contradiction of the reason we have language in the first place.  Which is that it’s to develop and communicate ideas with increasingly deeper complexity and understanding, not to put one’s fingers in one’s ears and belligerently expect that only one’s own definition be the only one accepted and used.

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