Some response has been given on my post on this matter. Maybe there is still time to do some more about this.

The response is as you would realize mostly negative. However there are lights of reason out there too.

More to the point. Socialism is about mandating and legislating changes which eventually leads up to the goals set up by Marx and his ilk and it aims to “equalify” and reduce everyone to a rather banal form of genericness. This is unappealing to me.

Maybe I’m wrong. But living in Sweden which has had almost 70 years of constant socialist government is somewhat evident to what socialism does to a person. The “Scandinavian model” of the liberal form of socialism seems to work, but once you start imposing rules of conduct and demand that statements made by others about supposed minorities in distress be criminalized it is no longer liberal socialism. It is bordering on tyranny. Especially when this is done under the ghost of freedom of speech looming over the now-oppressed.

The critics seem to come from the recently socialized United States and I wouldn’t be jumping to conclusions after just short of three years of the ways of the Black President.

Oops! Was that racist remark which slipped in. In my country we used to call them blacks, or Negroes as the equivalent term which is now considered taboo in English would be. Now we are supposed to refer to them as fellow human beings. Does this denial of their true origin still not rob them of the uniqueness? If you fail to see the point, what am I talking to you for?

Also; what do you care what other people think? You can’t change the world – only yourself.

That word does not mean what you think it means.  At it’s very core, socialism is yet to be realised.  Sweden has never been a true socialism because capitalism still exists there.  Socialism, at it’s very core, is where the means of production are owned by the workers rather than by individuals.  You see that as an oppression by the state, but this misunderstands what the state is and how the state would function under a true socialism.

The point isn’t that the same power relations are maintained in the hierarchal sense of representative democracy, the point is that power is devolved and people have greater capacity to take part in participatory democracy.  The point of achieving equality isn’t that everyone becomes banal or generic.  The point is that you remove the power structures that benefit the select few so that everyone has freedom to develop themselves in the ways that they wish.

With collective organisation and participation in commodity industries, such as agriculture, this means people can be guaranteed jobs and the ability to live, to survive.  This also means that the labour intensive load placed on the individual is greatly reduced because it’s better spread – you work less hours and therefore have more free time to develop yourself.  If you think more people having more time to develop themselves in whichever way they wish will lead to a banal genericness then so be it, your loss.

The reason that Sweden has not achieved the sufficient changes are a long discussion in themselves but the long and short of it comes down to the tools created by capitalist culture are designed not to allow capitalism to be removed.  At no point in Sweden has capitalism been so fully deconstructed that it could be claimed to be anything other than the dominant power regardless of what the legislator considered to be their primary influences.

Similarly if you think the United States has been socialised then again your analysis is significantly flawed and lacking.  I realise in a subsequent post you’ve said you have read much Marx and don’t intend to but then it somewhat strikes me that you’re making broad speaking statements about systems you don’t understand, using terms you don’t comprehend and then adamantly saying you have no intention to get to grips with them.  Which strikes me as somewhat contradictory.

I’m also not really sure what the fuck you’re on about bringing racism into the matter at all.  The fact you seem to consider black people as less than human beings seems to suggest to me you’re either absolutely ignorant or a troll.  I’m sure there’s an absolute sea of people who will be much more productive and eager to engage you on your racism, but I wasn’t going to leave such an asinine comment completely unchallenged.

I’ll leave you with one thought though.  You mention the “true origins” of black people.  Based on any archaeological, anthropological and genetic research to discover the origins of any human being’s ancestry, where does it all lead?  Hint: whether you’re of an abrahamic religion or believe in evolution (which covers most likely bases for Sweden), at no point does it assume that suddenly their sprung up a covering of the earth in human communities.  They all developed in one point first and spread from there.  Genetics suggests that place was africa.  Your true origins are the same as every black person’s.

AdAstraPerAsperger: Socialism? part II

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