So here’s the thing: The ‘third world’ as you like to address it with your misguided, hierarchical, oppressive labels doesn’t need the ‘first world’. Zaire didn’t need your Bibles a hundred years ago just like Somalia doesn’t need your Qur’ans now. Rwanda didn’t need your ‘superior’ standards of life that tore the country apart nor did South America need your ‘free trade’ and ‘democracy’ that crippled the continent. Africa doesn’t need your bags of rice nor your pretentious, ‘first world’ smug attitude that comes with helping the ‘poor natives’. Aboriginals didn’t need saving from their ‘savagery’ nor did the Native Americans. I’ll tell you what they need; they need your humanity. They don’t need your Jesus or your Allah; if they want to find God? You can rest assured that they will damn well find God. The ‘first world’ has crippled the rest of the world; you rape and you pillage a nation and then extend scraps to those very nations out of your ‘good conscience’. Well, fuck off. If the ‘developing world’ was, indeed, allowed to ‘develop’ they would far exceed the ‘developed world’s’ achievements. Don’t give them bags of wheat, give them books to learn how to sow on their own land. Don’t give them vaccines, give them books to learn how to become doctors. Don’t send your rich-arsed-fresh-out-of-Uni-holier-than-thou graduates on ‘volunteering’ sprees for £4000 a piece, not even a fraction of that money actually benefitting the community these so called volunteers are meant to be building a monkey sancturary in. If the ‘first world’ wanted to truly help, UN wouldn’t be begging for £billions in aid every other day. 2% of the world’s population owns 98% of the world’s wealth. That 2% sure as hell not living in shanty towns and mud huts and on train tracks and refugee camps.


(via wordssuperfluous)

And while we’re at at can people please stop using the phrase “first world problems”!

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