(via Tesco Hit Hard In Riots!!! – HIJACK // Bristol Music Culture)

“Looks like Tesco on Cheltenham Road have had to call in the Specialists after their own security and the police have failed to protect the shop!”

This Tesco was the centre of a riot back in late April where it got smashed up and looted, there was a second riot outside there a week later while it was still boarded up.  Now in this latest spat of riots it got the windows smashed in again.  Last I saw it had a very sorry sign outside it to try and intrigue people in:

A Tesco (food shop), all the windows have been boarded up and a paper sign reads "we are open"

(Photo not mine)

The Tesco is located in a region called Stokes Croft which is a focal point for a lot of independent stores, community initiatives, political groups and so on.  The Tesco represents an aspect of the gentrification of the area, as middle class bohemian types increasingly call it home increasing housing prices and so on.  Along with the eviction of a squat opposite to coincide, Stokes Croft is a microcosm for the silent, passively waged conflict that exists within society.  But as with all passive conflicts, there have been times when it’s erupted into aggression.

And for some reason this amazes pundits every time.

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