What was that David?


‘I said until I was blue in the face on the programme that I was not talking about skin colour but gang culture. A large group of whites have started to behave like blacks. I think that is the most unracial remark anyone can make.’


I honestly don’t know what goes through Starkey’s head.  I don’t understand how he can see “gang culture” as being so exclusively synonymous with “black culture”, nor how he sees “black culture” as such a homogenised entity.

Yes there is a problem with gang culture but gang culture isn’t spread through hip-hop and rap music, nor is hip-hop and rap a music genre that specifically only talks about gang culture.  Gang culture isn’t the exclusive domain of nor a defining feature of black communities.  It’s this bizarre attitude of black=criminality and white=normative society, and therefore anybody who’s a criminal is therefore a part of “black culture” that leaves me completely exasperated.

What’s more is that this approach to the issue, the idea of alien communities which are meant to be separate colliding with each other and causing subversion to criminality, completely obfuscates from the core cause of the problem in the first place: social deprivation, inequality and capitalist culture as a whole.  To see it in such black and white terms (literally) creates divisions and antagonism without resolving the problem.  It makes matters worse rather than solving them and solidifies racist, bigoted attitudes.

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