This is why chivalry is dead.

what a bitch. exactly why chivalry is dead. i loovee when people open/hold the door for me. shows they recognize my existence.

I don’t know why not wanting people to open doors for her makes her a female dog. Anyway, some people don’t like chivalry, deal with it. As long as it’s about people being nice to each other I think it’s great, despite the sex of the person who opens the door. Still, I don’t know why someone needs to open the door for another person, if that other person has arms and is perfectly capable of doing it. But if that person likes to be treated as a little invalid princess/prince… Okay.

I don’t know why some people would have a problem with chivalry, assuming the chivalrous person doesn’t do it with a sexist attitude or backdrop. I was always taught as a kid that women were to be respected and that a way of showing your respect was to be chivalrous towards them.

Of course if someone were to ask me to stop being so respectful and kind towards them I’d probably be a little puzzled but I would do it. 

Good on you for respecting women, but the point here is that the girl finds these chivalrous acts disrespectful. Respecting someone means respecting their preferences.

I can understand why someone would be offended by chivalry, but what is someone supposed to do? Ask each person who walks near a door, “Ma’am/sir, would you be offended if I held this door open for you?”

I hold doors open for people. I’m not trying to be chivalrous or a pick up artist or hit on people, I’m just trying to be generally friendly and polite. Especially if the person is elderly or disabled.

Yeah, I don’t have any ideas regarding solutions; I hold the door open for everyone. 

Their preferences? Fuck that. This woman is a disrespectful arrogant piece of shit. If that’s her preference, then that’s how I’ll treat her.

Fuck it. Like she said, she’s perfectly capable of opening to door for herself, so unless you ain’t, then I ain’t gunna bother. Don’t get me wrong, Momma didn’t raise no fool, I have manners. It’s just… It’s a door.

My £0.02 

I tried to hold the door open for everyone, regardless of gender, when I remember.  Manners don’t cost you anything.  It’s not a chivalry thing, it’s a being-decent-to-fellow-humans thing as far as I see it.  I don’t like chivalry, I like showing people respect.  A particular hobby is the slightly-too-far-for-comfort to make them do the half-jog-half-walk to close the distance as if they have to be polite about my politeness.

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