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Voting: you don’t do it because it will change the world, you do it defend the small amount of gains you have made.  Using the system to do that doesn’t mean you’ve been tricked into thinking it really works, it means you’re willing to take two seconds to do something which may, just may, protect the class that little bit longer.

You’re fucking delusional if you think that the Republicans are any worse for the working class than the Democrats. There’s no discernible difference when it comes to issues of class.

Ok.  Except in Wisconsin one party criminalised forms of strike action and attacked the ability of unions to organise, and the other party defended it.

You’ve lost it if you don’t connect the ability of workers to organise, to defend their working conditions without the door being beaten down by police, as being a class issue.

Wisconsin: Dems took two seats. Imagine if that would have happened earlier, going into 2011.

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