we were talking about how theoretically human rights cannot be sold – ie you can not sell your right not to be enslaved (like, you can’t become someones slave in exchange for them to give money to your family or whatever)

Only you could


It could be argued because the act of selling sex commodifies your body.  You’re not only alienated from your labour but indeed your physicality and sexuality is the labour, so you become alienated from your physical self and your sexuality.  Because the sexuality is the source of the wage you then meet the next problem:

if prostitution is slavery then surely by that logic any job is slavery? SHE IS SUCH A FUCKING KNOB.

Yes, any job is slavery.

Broadly on human rights:

They’re a social construct.  They do not tangibly exist any further than as a codified set of laws we agree not to break or to punish those who do.  A piece of paper cannot enforce human rights and so in reality they exist only so far as people fight to defend them.  Whether or not it would be legally recognised, you can sell yourself into slavery because it’s an agreement made by you and the new master.  Human rights only exist in theory so theoretically you can do what you want with them.

On prostitution:

That wasn’t meant as an attack on sex workers, however the proletariat are all wage slaves alienated by our labour.  That’s no different whether your product is a loaf of bread or your product is your sexuality.

So yeah I’ve got to agree with the “fuckwit” in your class on pretty much all of this …

Holly & Max: Fuckwit in my Human Rights Law class

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