Bristol Riots 1932 (via Bristol riots: plus ça change « Bristol Culture)

The photograph [above] is of Bristol men rioting in Old Market Street on February 23, 1932, as some 3,000 unemployed engaged in running battles with the police as they tried to march down to the city centre, led by the National Unemployed Workers Movement. Police baton-charged protesters outside Trinity police station and along Old Market.” … The Evening Post stated, “There were no deaths, but some 20 men were treated for minor injuries.

Interesting how casualties were reported. Is it a recent development in reporting of protests that only police injuries are reported and not injuries to protesters or bystanders?

Relatively recent.  The first time a police officer was killed in a riot, the person that did it was tried and admitted his guilt.  The jury acquitted him for justified homicide and the community gave him an award (or it may have been a medal?).

There was a time when people realised that riots were the only way the working classes would have their voices heard.  Then they created the police force, and people realised they only existed to suppress public unrest without using the military (which was problematic for a whole load of reasons).

Don’t they have a riot every day in St Paul’s? Or is that just when they aren’t busy in Stoke’s Croft? 😉

Every other day 😛

Actually in so far as I’m aware it’s just been the one night of substantial unrest so far in Bristol, along with a little bit of stuff going on last night when the fash thought they’d “help out” the police but I wasn’t there to see what went on with that.  Apparently there’s a group of fash “patrolling” Bristol tonight but the police have it more than under control here so they’re either a) causing trouble themselves or b) petting their own egos.

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