Are we enemies of the state? Or idealist bourgeoisie?

I’ll get this one, put it on my card

I get frequent flyer mileage and a booklet of upgrades

So next time I visit the third world, I won’t have to fly second class

The people’s revolution is gonna be a podcast

I ask myself this every day, am I just bourgeoisie in disguise?

I’ve been poor before, I don’t let you guys forget that but I feel like all that I do have now that I’m in the middle class is corrupting me.

Man, I’ve been middle class at the worst times and definitely upper-middle class pretty much all my life. My family was near-millionaire at some point for god’s sake. We’re not really there anymore, but still.

I do the class-hatin’ around here!

Bourgeoisie=/=middle class.  Bourgeois refers to material conditions, especially in relation to the means of production, not simply how affluent one’s (or one’s parents) employment happens to be.

Big bucks Hollywood movie actors are still proletarians alienated from their labour.  Their affluence may mean that they lose their class conscience but as you can see from the plethora of down and out, dirt poor actors you get when they run out of work because they’re no longer the in-fad, their position remains precarious.

This is why working class people can progress upwards socially and become middle and upper-middle classed, but very very rarely upper class.  Their true class has not changed and the proletariat remain the proletariat, while the bourgeoisie maintain their control.

Well in strictly marxist terms, yes you are right, none of us here are anything close to bourgeoisie, however I’ve noticed a pervasive bourgeoisie attitude among the middle class and I fear that I’ll someday fall prone to it. That’s what I’m worrying about, it starts out with me wanting a better mp3 player and it ends with me giving up and joining a consumer culture. I’m afraid of getting pulled into that because it is a rejection of my ideals. And by the time I realize that its happened, it will be too late, I will be too stuck in the lifestyle to exit.

Well in that case, and to the risk of sounding like a religious zealot telling you to read passages from the bible to reaffirm your faith, I’d suggest doing some reading on alienation of labour to help solidify your understanding of what a socialist revolution really aims to achieve outside of a general egalitarian society.  Suggested reading.  Because at the end of the day the privilege gained from having a better job is minimal on the grand scale, but I absolutely know where your coming from with allowing luxury and leisure time to eat aware at your class consciousness.

Which reminds me I have an ask in my inbox waiting for a reply from almost a week ago on the matter of the body in relationship to private property which I really need to get around to answering but I’ve been too busy trying to avoid these essays for uni to want to indulge in reading academic stuff for leisure.  But I’ll get onto that later today after this hand in has happened …

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