Truth. Once you get over the stigmas tied to body odor, you actually learn that they are erotic and contain pheromones that are meant to attract others. That’s why you have body hair in places where your body is fragrant, to trap the scent. People who shave their pits, coat themselves with toxic deodorants and anti-perspirants, and wear perfumes or body sprays are missing out on a significant aspect of sexual relations with people. Learning someone’s smell is a very natural way of connecting with them. Have you ever missed someone you loved and was triggered by their smell on dirty clothes or a pillow case? It’s the same thing. Businesses don’t like that, though, because they can’t sell you a scent you produce naturally. They feed you ads that condition you to think that your body is gross, body odors especially, and that you need to mask them in order to impress potential fuck buddies or soul mates. That’s totally false, but the system has safeguarded itself against you realizing that for yourself by conditioning others to think that your body odor is offensive too, thereby forcing you to conform to their ideas about sexuality and purchase their unnatural and poisoning products. People always ask “how did people in the dark ages deal with body odor? They must have smelled terrible!” But the fact is that they didn’t care because they weren’t conditioned by capitalism to think their odors were bad. They lived in a more natural situation, and it didn’t bother them. 


The only thing that would make this better is if the text on the piece of artwork said ‘anti-sexual’ rather than ‘asexual.’  People are asexual, and that is not a bad thing to be.  Capitalism is ANTI-sexual, which is.  There is a difference.

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