Why do so many Marxists insist on using the kind of language you would expect to hear if you were stuck in the 1800’s? No wonder so many people don’t listen to or understand you.

this is my complaint of 99% of SWP members….

Because it’s the language of class struggle, relating to concrete definitions of philosophical concepts that with a little study or simply asking can be clearly understood.  Without using the correct terminology to discuss such matters, it becomes unclear as to what it is you’re talking about.  Especially when living in bourgeois culture, other words have mixed definitions based on the context of what you’re talking about which means the discourse can become nebulous and be subverted away from an accurate and effective discussion on the matters at hand.  Otherwise it becomes nearly impossible to break away from the ideological hegemony and create a true revolutionary understanding  of the society and conditions in which you exist.

That’s my guess anyway.

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