livingispolitical said: Irony: “starting to challenge the authority and corruption of this fascist police state” the group that did this involved BNP, UKIP, English Democrat supporters. They were proto-fascists. This is a nuisance to the state not a destruction of it


Is that the case? Maybe I should have done so more research into it before posting (a friend forwarded it to me). Even so, disregarding their distasteful political views, is it still not noble to challenge the authority and corruption of the law?



Well yes and no.

From my point of view as a Marxist the aim isn’t to abolish the concept of the law and authority but to change the power basis behind them to ensure that priority is placed on a system that ensures the authority and legal code comes from the masses, the proletariat, and represents their interests.  Challenging bourgeois institutions is good, but this isn’t what Lawful Rebellion is intrinsically aiming to do or achieve, just a byproduct of their praxis.

Lawful rebellion doesn’t want to destroy the law, it wants to emphasise small state/less laws using a return to the magna carta and laws of the commons to achieve this.  They’re right libertarians (which you’d maybe call anarcho-capitalists but I don’t like that term) whose aversion to the state is because they want to promote capitalist and bourgeois ends.  They’re directly opposed to people I’d consider good anarchists (anarcho-communists, anarcho-syndicalists, libertarian socialists or generally left-wing anarchists) because far from being ignorant of the role that class struggle fundamentally must play in a philosophical reasoning for a sound argument against the state, they instead want to maintain class conflict so that they can be the beneficiaries.

What’s more is their methods aren’t effective.  They’re petulant, immature and annoying for the state but small scale, not uniting class action and not going to achieve any substantial ends.  Considering their ends aren’t a revolution but a rebellion, not to dethrone the bourgeoisie and change people’s material relations but just bully the state back so they have more freedom as capitalists, then no I will not support their action to any extent.

The Ⓐ Word: livingispolitical said: Irony: “starting to challenge the authority…

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